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Agenda 21: A Review

The fictional novel, Agenda 21, has two people’s names on the cover, Glenn Beck and Harriet Parker. (Beck’s name is the most prominent; where Harriet Parker fits in I don’t know.) In reviewing this book (actually Book 2) I rated it 5 Stars. Later I found and also read Book 1. The cover and link below is for Book 2, which I reviewed.

The population is already controlled and enslaved; it’s maybe 20 years in. Some remember  what it was like, before. But the “new” people, the children, the young adults, have no such memory, and the people who do remember, don’t dare tell them because knowledge is banned. In this new world you are required to do what you are told, and that is all. When you are deemed unnecessary (for whatever reason) you will be recycled.
(The author never told us what “recycled” meant, exactly, but I think most intelligent people can guess.)
After the excess population was “gone,” some people were chosen to be slaves, and some were chosen to be in charge of the slaves.
(Right now today, I can think of some people who could fall into the job of controlling the slaves quite easily, and become brutal quite easily.)
Even the strongest man had no power to protect his family…because he no longer had a family. If his wife wasn’t killed outright she might have been passed to what the authority maybe thought was better suited to her. And his children, well, right away the authority laid claim to them, and somebody else gave them most of what care they needed.
A mother is the main character; her toddler daughter who she rarely can see, and hold even less, has been deemed to be relocated. So this woman, her husband, and an 8-year-old boy she has befriended, escape.
(That’s all I’m saying about the actual plot; it’s a page-turner, especially the last 100 pages.)
Now think of always being afraid, always running, carrying only what you could grab, always looking over your shoulder, hiding, your poorly-manufactured shoes wearing out, bleeding with no first aid, struggling to find food, eating bugs and grass to survive.
Here is an actual short conversation between the main character and some aged people—who were never caught—and who helped them:
“In the history of the world, only one very special nation was founded on the principle of personal freedom & personal destiny.”
“What nation is it?” the main character asked, “Where is it?”
“You mean was, the old man answered, “It’s gone. It was called America.”
Today it seems we have 3 options of who would/could control and enslave us. Islam, Agenda 21, or the Illuminati. I listed the Illuminati last because I feel they are behind both the Islamic invasion of all nations, plus behind the Islamic-controlled UN-inspired Agenda 21.
Right, folks, Agenda 21 is real; it is NOT a conspiracy theory.
Many—too many—people today are weak. If something really bad begins to happen many people will die…quickly…and become enslaved…quickly.
From reading this book, two things now stand out for me more strongly than ever before: FREEDOM AND LOVE.


New World Order Rising Book 1 “The Abduction”

Tonight I finally watched a movie bought years ago. JFK , 1991, a video. I put off watching because I figured it was the life story of JFK, my first and favorite president. It wasn’t. It was the death of JFK, my first and favorite president.

Kevin Costner played the part of Jim Garrison, New Orleans District Attorney, who saw more in the assassination than just the Warren Commission’s findings. A thriller. One could say I held my breath for over three hours…yes, definitely a thriller.

The main basis of the movie–in my mind–showed how a government or other power-broker can do something and get away with it. It seems our government got away with the JFK assassination, so how much more could they get away with? We almost found out during the presidential election of 2016, but that story is for another post.

This post touches on the same subject except it’s totally fiction, a story that has turned into a 6-book series of what can happen with the wrong leadership. The moment I knew for sure who won the election of 2012 I leaped into the research of conspiracy theories, and what the globalists/elitists/leftists/liberals have planned for the rest of us.

A group of very powerful people, the Illuminati (among other names) want a one-world government. To begin, the United Nations would be in charge and use their plan of Agenda 21, or, Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21 on steroids.) The UN today is basically run by the 56-member cabal of Islamic nations, which means that new “one-world” would NOT be a very  pretty place.

Officially, these two agendas mean the environment is saved and everybody lives happily ever after. Unofficially, 85% of the world’s population is eliminated, leaving just enough human slaves to care for the elite in their gated communities.

Book 1 begins with a North Dakota family visiting the main character’s sister’s storybook farm. (We don’t meet the sister until Book 2.) Carter Banks, 47, works in a factory. His daughter, Chantal, 24, works in a different factory. They both live in the nearest big city and both would rather live on the farm. So would granddaughter, Dodie, six. (Pronounced doe, like the female deer: doe-dee.)

An old man high on the Illuminati pyramid lives on an isolated Mediterranean island; he wants a young woman to fulfill his needs and hires professionals to find what he wants.

When Carter,  Chantal and Dodie return to the city the two girls are abducted almost before Carter’s eyes. The only evidence he has is the sound of screeching tires. The police can’t help so he hires childhood friend, Harley Maxwell, military/police experience, who provides not only expertise, but a new pickup truck, and a phone tracking device for what becomes a long chase, all the way to a Satanist camp in the New Mexico desert.

(Along the way they see a large stash of casket liners, a first appearance of the black-uniformed police, and a FEMA extermination camp…just a glimpse of what’s coming.)

Chantal eventually is rescued along with Jocelyn, seven, who will become a major character. Dodie is not found, and won’t appear again until Book 3, after ten years have passed. Non-political Carter is devastated to lose his granddaughter, and will soon begin learning a lot about politics.

A subplot for Book 1 introduces Whit Malcolm, a young man already on psyche drugs and on the edge both emotionally and mentally, a perfect candidate for the Illuminati to brainwash into performing the next mass shooting, which will–finally–bring about the long-threatened gun confiscation.


“Jill: ‘I don’t pay attention to politics.’
Ben: ‘You should. It’s barely less important than your own heart beat.’
Jill: ‘I don’t pay attention to that, either.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

For more information and descriptions, please follow the link.



MPR working overtime to make Trump look bad with ICE Somali deportation flight

Refugee Resettlement Watch

And, you know there must be more to the case of star-of-the-story Mohamed Hussein’s deportation than reporter Mukhtar Ibrahim is telling us.

mukhtar-ibrahim MPR reporter Mukhtar Ibrahim. See more of his reporting here:

Saying Mohamed Hussein was born in Canada, came to US (illegally obviously) as an infant and grew up here and is now being deported to Somalia strikes me as really really strange.

I can only guess he had a run-in with the law along the way, or how would his illegal presence even have been found?  He, like so many others, just can live under the radar, again, unless something happened to bring him to ICE’s attention.

Hereis Minnesota Public Radio in a story from two days ago.  For previous posts on the aborted flight to Somalia click hereand here.

Mohamed Hussein arrived in Minnesota as an infant more than 20 years ago. On Thursday…

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Refugees lured to Aberdeen, South Dakota are now going to be jobless!

Be sure to read the caption under the pic showing Mayor Levsen of Aberdeen. Ann gets quite humorous with her ad-lib to the mayor’s speech.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

There is no longer any question that refugees are a US State Department-supplied transient migrant labor force moving around the country following short-lived needs for factory workers.

So everyone needs to stop the propaganda about this being a strictly humanitarian program and stop denigrating local citizens who have questions about supporting it with their tax dollar!

In my alerts this morning there was a short blurb about a company closing its doors in Aberdeen, South Dakota and it listed Lutheran Social Services South Dakota (a subcontractor of LIRSthere as one agency for refugee workers to access for help finding work and counseling.

I was interested in the story because South Dakota was one of the stops in my 6000 plus mile trip around America in the summer of 2016 to see how refugee labor was affecting American communities.

mike-mayor In April 2016 I reported on Aberdeen “welcoming” Mayor Levsen:  “We…

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The Poles remember their history, saved Europe from Muslim horde in 1683….

I will answer the question presented in the last sentence of this outstanding post by Ann: because if the muslims tried ANYTHING in the three countries listed they would ALL be rounded up and deported–and that’s the least that would happen.
Be sure to click on the link under the picture. That will take you to Badass of the Week and describe the Winged Hussars–OMG!!!! The horses those guys rode looked as bad as the warriors riding them.
Would love to see a movie of this charge, but of course not only would Hollywood not go near such a task, but the muslims in charge of the movies (and other entertainment) presented today would never allow it.
(You HAVE to have noticed our entertainment no longer has muslim bad guys, at least very few.)
(Maybe a few for the sake of politics, that everything is still hunky-dorey in America [and the world]…which it isn’t.)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

polish hussars Sobieski’s Winged Hussars: “the badass Polish King Jan Sobieski led the single hugest and most balls-out cavalry charge in history.”

….so they see very clearly their job today!

Longtime readers know all about the Polish King Jan Sobieski and the battle at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, but we get new readers every day and I need to continue to educate newbies.

We have an extensive archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’(mostly the modern day invasion), but it is important to repeat that Poland has a really good reason for resisting the migrants that both the EU and Mama Merkel would like to foist on the country.

Here it is, mentioned again inan article about Germany’s political difficulties at the moment, at America Thinker.

The Poles are teaching their history to the next generation!

There is another powerful reason for Eastern Europe’s reluctance to accept…

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