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The Poles remember their history, saved Europe from Muslim horde in 1683….

I will answer the question presented in the last sentence of this outstanding post by Ann: because if the muslims tried ANYTHING in the three countries listed they would ALL be rounded up and deported–and that’s the least that would happen.
Be sure to click on the link under the picture. That will take you to Badass of the Week and describe the Winged Hussars–OMG!!!! The horses those guys rode looked as bad as the warriors riding them.
Would love to see a movie of this charge, but of course not only would Hollywood not go near such a task, but the muslims in charge of the movies (and other entertainment) presented today would never allow it.
(You HAVE to have noticed our entertainment no longer has muslim bad guys, at least very few.)
(Maybe a few for the sake of politics, that everything is still hunky-dorey in America [and the world]…which it isn’t.)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

polish hussars Sobieski’s Winged Hussars: “the badass Polish King Jan Sobieski led the single hugest and most balls-out cavalry charge in history.” http://www.badassoftheweek.com/hussars.html

….so they see very clearly their job today!

Longtime readers know all about the Polish King Jan Sobieski and the battle at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, but we get new readers every day and I need to continue to educate newbies.

We have an extensive archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’(mostly the modern day invasion), but it is important to repeat that Poland has a really good reason for resisting the migrants that both the EU and Mama Merkel would like to foist on the country.

Here it is, mentioned again inan article about Germany’s political difficulties at the moment, at America Thinker.

The Poles are teaching their history to the next generation!

There is another powerful reason for Eastern Europe’s reluctance to accept…

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