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New World Order Rising Book 2 “The New Civil War”

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The NWOR series continues with Book 2. Carter Banks’ daughter, Chantal, has been rescued from the Satanist Illuminati camp. They are on their way home to North Dakota with four young women also rescued, Kelly and Genevieve, 17, Hope, 14, and Jocelyn. Granddaughter, Dodie, was not found. Seven-year-old Jocelyn has been raised by the Illuminati. She has no idea of her family history, but we saw right away in Book 1 that the child has an amazing personality.

Jocelyn sometimes has the viewpoint in Book 2 and will soon become a star. Her name is part of the title of 5 chapters, she appears in nearly every chapter, and in Chapter 32, “The Child Warrior,” she becomes a heroine. During her dream in Chapter 23 “Jocelyn’s Earlier Childhood” we will learn some of her past. In Chapter 29 “Jocelyn’s Counsel”—when Carter takes her for a ride on Chantal’s horse—we will learn even more.

Jocelyn has never known parents, or any kind person. You will watch as she grows in confidence and trust, and begins learning everything Carter and Chantal can teach her. When she rides the horse with Chantal the first time you will feel the horse walking just as Jocelyn feels and thrills to each step. You too will come to love that little girl and feel her pain and her newfound happiness.

She will keep growing and becoming stronger, but she never strays far from the side of Carter, her new adopted grandpa. As time passes she by proxy—no malice intended—begins taking the place of the missing six-year-old Dodie, and brings new life to the heartbroken Carter and Chantal.

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Carter and his load of young girls takes two weeks getting home from Kansas. On the way down they saw one group of black-uniformed police with face shields arresting union protesters. On the way back the black uniforms are everywhere, and have morphed from cops into super soldiers. Luckily they got stopped only twice.  In the small town of Hays, Kansas, they stop at a nearly deserted Burger King because everybody is hungry. There 14-year-old Olivia quietly asks to join them. Finally reaching his sister’s farm Carter discovers his little sister is a militia leader of southeastern North Dakota, and learns North Dakota is the front line of resistance among a group of states west of Interstate 29.

They are North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. How could so much have happened so quickly in just three weeks? Practically overnight, but in a contemporary coup that is how it would happen. The high tech of the 21st Century has increased the Illuminati’s footprint to the Powers of Ten. Both the good and the bad have instantaneous communication. The lines would be drawn very quickly. The Illuminati have been planning a worldwide takeover for generations (maybe hundreds of years) but they were over confident in America and slow in their coup, giving the Flyover states time to organize.


About the Illuminati: first a description from the 1996 Oxford Dictionary: persons claiming to possess special knowledge or enlightenment.

Verbatim from Wikipedia:

“Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In more modern contexts the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order.”

They go by many names, including, globalists, one-worlders, Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs, the Freemasons, the “shadow government” the New World Order, and just plain elitists.

My series novel “New World Order Rising” Book 2, begins the new civil war. There are other novels about the Illuminati and Conspiracy Theories and a whole host of nonfiction books and videos.

The Illuminati fill their coffers by drugs, pornography, prostitution, gun-running—hey! They got’ta make a living! Right? Sorry, but reading about all this shit just makes me crazy sometimes. But, folks, what if even some of it is true? Should we be worried? I think we should. No matter what the mainstream media tells us, one can be certain plenty is going on behind the scenes that they (government, corporations, etc.) don’t want us to know.