The Next Generation Fights On, Book 3

The war is full tilt in Book 3. Carter Banks is now leader of the militia.

Yes, it’s civil war in that it’s two sides in America, but only one side has Americans fighting. The other side has a nearly endless supply of super soldiers created from decades to hundreds of years of abducted children raised with brutal training techniques. Upon graduation these supers were placed in hibernation until needed for the war…but they are not good soldiers.

The United Nations arrives, but the blue helmet soldiers are no better.

Ten years have passed. Seventeen-year-old Jocelyn is now staunch at Carter’s side as his aide and lieutenant, and always battle-ready. Sixteen-year-old Dodie escapes her abductors, fights her way across the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, occupied America—leaving a trail of blood behind her—and returns to North Dakota to reclaim her birthright, join in the fight, and is not too pleased about Jocelyn’s position with her mom and grandpa

Much of the world is now living under the Islamic-run UN’s Agenda 21 (more recently Agenda 2030: Agenda 21 on steroids.) Freedom has become a dirty word. But a cluster of states in the center of America (North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, parts of Utah, Nebraska, and Canada) remain free. (a review of the fictional book Agenda 21.)

With the promises of money and women (plus a ticket home) after the war ends, the Illuminati is able to fill the UN’s military ranks, mostly from Africa and the Middle East. It’s expected the American militias will finally be beaten by human wave assaults which will also destroy much of the UN armies, and help lead to the main Illuminati goal of 85% fewer people on earth.

If the American militias are NOT finally destroyed the final option will be used.

The five-state coalition—the American breadbasket—will be nuked. For grain to feed the elite, and the slaves of the elite, the world will still have Argentina, France, the Ukraine and Russia,

But no patches of freedom can be tolerated.

Epilogue to Book 3 “the Next Generation Fights On”

It should be plainly clear that Chantal, Dodie, Jocelyn, and their men, are going to—for now—retreat, but as ‘the next generation’ they will continue the fight.

Folks, if this war ever happens for real, and with the direction our country at times seems to be going, it could. Would enough militias appear? Would they put up a united front and truly create a Free America? I think so, but then what?

Two Americas? Would we want to be surrounded by unfriendly forces, as Israel is today? Would the Illuminati—the godless elite—even accept a free America? Or would they choose to nuke that last vestibule of freedom?

If a war like this ever happens it truly could go on for generations.

Think of the 100-year European war fought between the kingdom of England and the kingdom of France, both with allies. The years were 1337-1453, actually longer than a hundred years, and also with a few truces. Did the war ever really satisfy either of the participants? Chances are it didn’t. Maybe they just got tired of fighting or maybe the peasants on both sides—who certainly filled most of the ranks of the fighting men—just simply said “No more!”

That was then and this is now.

The rest of the world—who never has had freedom like America—does not understand us Americans. I think Free America would never give up, not until the last free man and woman was killed, but what of the children…the next generation? I think they would go on and on and on, and keep fighting.

So stand tall, American men and women, hang onto your goals and your aspirations, hang onto your god, hang onto your family, and for God’s sake, hang onto your guns!

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