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Next batch of Australian rejected asylum seekers headed our way, mostly single men

Refugee Resettlement Watch

They are mostly single men from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma (Rohingya) and they are on their way to Anytown, USA.

Here is the news at The Guardian:

The fourth group of refugees to be accepted for resettlement in the United States from Australia’s offshore immigration regime [detention centers!—ed] are poised to leave Nauru for the US, via Fiji.

The 22 refugees are all single men except for one Rohingyan man and his wife, according toIan Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition.

Ian Rintoul Socialist refugee advocate Ian Rintoul:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Rintoul

It is the second group to leave Nauru under the controversial resettlement program, following two groups that have also been resettled from Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

The latest cohort will bring the number of refugees resettled in the US to about 110.About 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers remain in Australia’s offshore system.


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