New World Order Rising Book 4 “United Nations Arriving” (Islam Joins the Fight)

Seventeen-year-old Jocelyn takes full charge of the Sanborn Militia. They were badly outnumbered in the battle with the UN, where Grandpa Carter was killed , so they retreated. The UN, proving what worthless fighters they are, did not pursue. They should have. Instead the Blue Helmets settled down to camp for the night, which will leave them wide open for attack in the morning.

But it’s not like the militia will get to rest either. They are called upon by Charlie Tucker, a neighbor, to help rid his farm of a large force of Muslims, and to rescue about twenty American sex slaves, including two little girls. Bessie, seven, and Delight, nine, who sixteen-year-old Dodie herself will rescue and adopt. Among the sex slaves is a female doctor and several student nurses.

New World Order Rising-Book 4 Front Cover v17

Overnight the militia contacts four other North Dakota militias. In the morning–with their reinforcements–they easily route the UN, which then escapes to the Grand Forks Airbase, where Jocelyn knows there are as many as 200 airmen held prisoner, so plans are made for a rescue. Again other militias are called to help, and to assemble at a state park west of the airbase.

While the main militia force is gone the Muslims return and attack the farmstead. Chantal, mother to Dodie, gives birth during the attack. Jocelyn–having turned hard core–has given the order “No Prisoners.” But one Muslim survives and is saved by their new doctor who hadn’t heard the order. Later the Muslim and a female college student will bring disaster to the farm.

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