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New World Order Rising, Book 5 “…to save the world….”

The 5-state coalition (ND, SD, MT, WY, ID) continue to keep a portion of America free, but the borders are quite porous. In Book 4 the muslims and the UN joined the super soldiers in the fight. The UN, plenty of soldiers but poor fighters. The local militia’s headquarters is a well-stocked farm. Seveteen-year-old Jocelyn assumed command of the militia in Book 4.
New World Order Rising-Book 5 Front Cover
As the title states, this is the fifth book in the series New World Order Rising. Who are these people who want a new world order? Known by various names, the Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs, the Freemasons, and most important the “Shadow government, which we have right now in 2018. The actual people include the globalist elite, politicians, generals, media CEOs, corporate CEOs, college administrators, ministers and priests, the list goes on and on and includes past presidents. I will never forget the senior President Bush (after the very short war to kick Saddam out of Kuwait) announcing “something” about a new world order. Well, more “order” in the world? THAT at the time sounded good. I began this series shortly after the election of 2012, and began my research by placing “new world order” on the computer search line and OMG! the stuff that began coming up.
So, in Book 1 I created an American family to deal with it. Carter Banks, late 40s (killed in Book 3) Chantal, early thirties, his daughter, Dodie, 6, his granddaughter, and Jocelyn, 7. Chantal and Dodie are abducted by professionals hired by the Illuminati. Chantal will be rescued but Dodie is flown to an isolated island in the Mediterranean to be a sex slave for an old man near the top of the Illuminati pyramid. She is gone for 10 years; she escapes in Book 3 and fights her way back to ND where the 5-state coalition is keeping a portion of America free. At the end of Book 5 sixteen-year-old Dodie assumes command of the local Sanborn militia.
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Book 6 will end the series.