FEMA “America, the Great Country that Was”

Coming soon. This weekend (September 6, 7, and 8) look for a free digital download of my newest novel, FEMA “America, The Great Country That Was.” (The paperback version available for $15.00.) (Digital normal $2.99.)
Meet Martina Louise Evans, 34, (strong female main character POV) customer service cubicle worker, transplanted from Virginia to backwater Nebraska hoping for a peaceful place to live in the “new” America. Unfortunately, her life is about to change.
If you must have happy endings, then this novel is not for you. It’s based on current events and the likelihood of what CAN happen if we don’t get things fixed. So tell your liberal friends to grab a free copy.
Also meet ‘Christopher Robin’, 40s (second POV) a presence on the social media ‘YourLife’ who hides behind a silhouette for a profile picture and a fake name. and posts only on what is happening in America and what can happen.
The gun confiscation begins at midnight, January 20, 2029, Inauguration Eve of the re-election of a powerful leftist president who will now continue showing his true self.
‘Christopher Robin’ receives the warning phone call and escapes to the back country of central Montana where a friend has a militia. Many, MANY, patriots did NOT receive that phone call.
Also meet Danek Othman, 50s (third POV) German Illuminati officer in charge of “Operation America.”
These three people will collide. Othman will use Martina and offer her freedom if she will agree to help taking down ‘Christopher Robin’. America MUST fall for success of the new world order, and America’s many militias MUST be destroyed.
(Click on link below, then click on cover for a free read of the first several chapters.)
FEMA Book Front Cover 1 v5

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