Atlantic writer knows refugees are lying and so do those charged with admitting them….

A good post about the SCAM of “refugees” and the SCAMMING “refugee” resettling agencies.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

….but we continue to admit them anyway—to America and to Europe.

Graeme wood Photo: Wood at Yale. He wanted a refugee to clean his house so he called the local resettlement agency (probably in New Haven!).

Thanks to reader Paul for sending this unnecessarily long article in the April issue of The Atlanticby author Graeme Wood.

I don’t know why it takes so many words to confirm that yes, many lie, that this is an invasion, that the at-once diabolical and gullible Lefties are driving it, and so what if Germany is now seriously screening the migrants. Is that comforting to know?


It is too late for dear Deutschland!

That said, I do hope our US screening process is beefing up as Wood tells us the Germans are.

My question for Germany is this:

So you find out they are lying, do you now have the spine to put…

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Japanese court rejects Syrians’ asylum bids

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Japan is one of the few countries in the world steadfastly attempting to maintain its “cultural and ethnic homogeneity” in the face of mounting pressure to open its borders.

See my posts over the yearsas western mainstream media, the United Nations, and international communists and open borders agitators regularly criticize Japan’s wish to save itself (just as they are now doing the same to Hungary and Poland).

Have you noticed that there are no Islamic terror attacks in Japan?

japanese people and culture Japan for the Japanese…..

FromReuters at USNews:

TOKYO (Reuters) – Two Syrian asylum seekers on Tuesday lost a bid to overturn a government decision to deny them refugee status, in the first such lawsuit in Japan since civil war erupted in the Middle Eastern state in 2011.

The Tokyo District Court upheld a government ruling made five years ago, that the pair’s bid for asylum was not admissible…

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Daughters Book 7 Emma Goes to the UK

This fictional story comes from reading of the horrors of what happened in the city of Rotherham…what happened—and according to some, still happening, and still on an industrial scale, and not just Rotherham but other UK cities and throughout much of Western Europe.

In this, Book 7 of the “Daughters” human trafficking series, Emma Forbes (now 22) is the continuing main character throughout the series. Her little foster sister, Fayanne, now 11 (Book 4) has taken up with Facebook (which Emma has not, not seriously at least) and begins reading of the plight of the many young girls of the UK, and brings it to Emma’s attention. Emma tries to explain that the UK is way out of her territory. Fayanne’s response: “But isn’t this what you and the others do?” Yes. So the two of them look further into it and Emma decides to go far from home to a foreign land and try to help.

So began a trip to the United Kingdom. Emma is a figment of my imagination. But it gives me pause to send her to a foreign land, into what could be dangerous.

Daughters Book Cover 7 v2 Front Cover

Emma will share the viewpoint in this story with two other young girls, Nadia and Hannah.

Nadia, 14, is based on a video narrated by a British girl who survived nearly unbelievable horrors first from a close relative and then the Muslim grooming for prostitution gangs.

Hannah, 18, is based on an article describing why British girls take up with, marry Muslim men, and join the Islamic religion…all to escape the party scene.

Lexy, 8 (no viewpoint) is based on a 3-minute video (her face blanked out) where she describes being bullied and threatened by young Muslim men/boys every day after school when the girls are trying to go home.

Hayley, 9 (no viewpoint) is purely fictional.

Myra, 9 (no viewpoint and Hayley’s friend) is purely fictional.

Tawney, 8, (no viewpoint.) In this fictional story she is Nadia’s little sister, and does not appear.

The other characters are listed in the back.

Some of the information about Islam—in order to be as correct as possible—was taken from internet news stories.


There is no good ending for this story.

For the people of the UK, the only good ending is a mass deportation of the massive Islamic invasion, or a more accurate word: hijrah: mass immigration which becomes an invasion. With the runaway child-production by Muslims, in just one more generation the Muslims could begin changing the rules drastically, which will mean the end of the United Kingdom.

Brexit can help, if the British people can hold onto it, which will encourage other nations to leave the not-elected-by-the-people, defuncting, EU.

For the true story of what’s happening in Europe (including UK) please take a look at this link: The Kalergi Plan:

As for the fictional Emma, her trip accomplished very little. She did feel she had helped five girls, but how much? Not much. Nine-year-old Hayley will go to a foster home. Myra has as good a home as most British girls, but will she continue to stay there? No way to know. Eight-year-old Lexy very likely has a good home and good parents. Homeschooling is a good option to remove her from the nearly daily Muslim bullying at her school, but will Lexy go for the idea? Again, no way to know, and what about Lexy’s girlfriends? They now would have to face the Muslim bullies without Lexy’s leadership. Tawny, Nadia’s eight-year-old sister, will go to a foster home, when a good one can be found.

Emma knew very little—actually nothing—about foster care in the United Kingdom, but if it is similar to much of the foster care in America, there is no reason to cheer. Basically, if a child is lucky, he or she will have a safe place to grow up, but how many will experience a good loving relationship with the new parents?

Finally, fourteen-year-old Nadia, separated from her little sister, no formal education, barely able to read and write and viciously damaged from the molestation and rape by first her father, then her father’s friends, finally the short stay with a Muslim prostitution gang.

For Emma, leaving Nadia—basically abandoning her—was the very, very, worst!

The five girls are only a tiny drop in the bucket of the thousands of British girls bullied, abducted, raped, beaten, drugged, prostituted, and ignored by a British leadership frightened of offending the Muslim invaders.

The United Kingdom, also, is just a tiny drop in the bucket of rape and prostitution. The whole of Western Europe is under siege by the invasion of Islam, and possibly even more fearful of offending the Muslim invaders.

Two good things did happen. Colin Webb, journalist, will write a story—including Emma’s story—and Christopher Nicholas, attorney, will help him get it published in an appropriate medium. Ms. Varga learned a lot and will use it on her website, to hopefully help more girls in the United Kingdom and all Europe, plus other parts of the world because her readers come from every continent.

About college girl Hannah, we will never know what happens to her. She was unwilling to deny her Muslim boyfriend—and he did offer her a party-free life—but she likely will/would find, eventually, that what she—as a Western-raised woman—gets in a Muslim country will not be what she maybe was expecting and hoping for, even in a so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim country like Tunisia.

At some point do girls marrying Muslims even cut off contact with family…or maybe the husband cuts it off????

Political correctness (PC) two words—it seems—has the whole so-called civilized world in a tizzy.

New World Order Rising, Book 5 “…to save the world….”

The 5-state coalition (ND, SD, MT, WY, ID) continue to keep a portion of America free, but the borders are quite porous. In Book 4 the muslims and the UN joined the super soldiers in the fight. The UN, plenty of soldiers but poor fighters. The local militia’s headquarters is a well-stocked farm. Seveteen-year-old Jocelyn assumed command of the militia in Book 4.
New World Order Rising-Book 5 Front Cover
As the title states, this is the fifth book in the series New World Order Rising. Who are these people who want a new world order? Known by various names, the Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs, the Freemasons, and most important the “Shadow government, which we have right now in 2018. The actual people include the globalist elite, politicians, generals, media CEOs, corporate CEOs, college administrators, ministers and priests, the list goes on and on and includes past presidents. I will never forget the senior President Bush (after the very short war to kick Saddam out of Kuwait) announcing “something” about a new world order. Well, more “order” in the world? THAT at the time sounded good. I began this series shortly after the election of 2012, and began my research by placing “new world order” on the computer search line and OMG! the stuff that began coming up.
So, in Book 1 I created an American family to deal with it. Carter Banks, late 40s (killed in Book 3) Chantal, early thirties, his daughter, Dodie, 6, his granddaughter, and Jocelyn, 7. Chantal and Dodie are abducted by professionals hired by the Illuminati. Chantal will be rescued but Dodie is flown to an isolated island in the Mediterranean to be a sex slave for an old man near the top of the Illuminati pyramid. She is gone for 10 years; she escapes in Book 3 and fights her way back to ND where the 5-state coalition is keeping a portion of America free. At the end of Book 5 sixteen-year-old Dodie assumes command of the local Sanborn militia.
To get the digital version of Book 5 please use Coupon #UW89D at
Book 6 will end the series.

New World Order Rising Book 4 “United Nations Arriving” (Islam Joins the Fight)

Seventeen-year-old Jocelyn takes full charge of the Sanborn Militia. They were badly outnumbered in the battle with the UN, where Grandpa Carter was killed , so they retreated. The UN, proving what worthless fighters they are, did not pursue. They should have. Instead the Blue Helmets settled down to camp for the night, which will leave them wide open for attack in the morning.

But it’s not like the militia will get to rest either. They are called upon by Charlie Tucker, a neighbor, to help rid his farm of a large force of Muslims, and to rescue about twenty American sex slaves, including two little girls. Bessie, seven, and Delight, nine, who sixteen-year-old Dodie herself will rescue and adopt. Among the sex slaves is a female doctor and several student nurses.

New World Order Rising-Book 4 Front Cover v17

Overnight the militia contacts four other North Dakota militias. In the morning–with their reinforcements–they easily route the UN, which then escapes to the Grand Forks Airbase, where Jocelyn knows there are as many as 200 airmen held prisoner, so plans are made for a rescue. Again other militias are called to help, and to assemble at a state park west of the airbase.

While the main militia force is gone the Muslims return and attack the farmstead. Chantal, mother to Dodie, gives birth during the attack. Jocelyn–having turned hard core–has given the order “No Prisoners.” But one Muslim survives and is saved by their new doctor who hadn’t heard the order. Later the Muslim and a female college student will bring disaster to the farm.

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Refugee contractor that got nearly a half a billion from US taxpayers in under five years, wails over Trump’s budget

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Miliband in Manhattan British national and one-worlder, IRC CEO David Miliband, pulls down an annual salary package of $671,749 (doing well by doing good!).

The contractor is the International Rescue Committeewith Moneybags Miliband at its helm.

But, what is so interesting is that Moneybags isn’t quoted in their press release yesterday in which they denounce the Trump Administration’s FY19 budget as “counterproductive and misguided.”

It will cut their funding dramatically because the IRC not only places refugees in your towns and cities, they are operating all over the world supposedly doing ‘humanitarian’ work that they say benefits American foreign policy.

Could Miliband be on the way back to the UK?

Will he be taking a pay cut if he stays?

Before I even get to their temper tantrum over Trump, here is just a portion (screenshot) of one page at USA Spendingshowing the income they received from you, American taxpayers, (via…

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Next batch of Australian rejected asylum seekers headed our way, mostly single men

Refugee Resettlement Watch

They are mostly single men from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma (Rohingya) and they are on their way to Anytown, USA.

Here is the news at The Guardian:

The fourth group of refugees to be accepted for resettlement in the United States from Australia’s offshore immigration regime [detention centers!—ed] are poised to leave Nauru for the US, via Fiji.

The 22 refugees are all single men except for one Rohingyan man and his wife, according toIan Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition.

Ian Rintoul Socialist refugee advocate Ian Rintoul:

It is the second group to leave Nauru under the controversial resettlement program, following two groups that have also been resettled from Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

The latest cohort will bring the number of refugees resettled in the US to about 110.About 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers remain in Australia’s offshore system.


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The Next Generation Fights On, Book 3

The war is full tilt in Book 3. Carter Banks is now leader of the militia.

Yes, it’s civil war in that it’s two sides in America, but only one side has Americans fighting. The other side has a nearly endless supply of super soldiers created from decades to hundreds of years of abducted children raised with brutal training techniques. Upon graduation these supers were placed in hibernation until needed for the war…but they are not good soldiers.

The United Nations arrives, but the blue helmet soldiers are no better.

Ten years have passed. Seventeen-year-old Jocelyn is now staunch at Carter’s side as his aide and lieutenant, and always battle-ready. Sixteen-year-old Dodie escapes her abductors, fights her way across the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, occupied America—leaving a trail of blood behind her—and returns to North Dakota to reclaim her birthright, join in the fight, and is not too pleased about Jocelyn’s position with her mom and grandpa

Much of the world is now living under the Islamic-run UN’s Agenda 21 (more recently Agenda 2030: Agenda 21 on steroids.) Freedom has become a dirty word. But a cluster of states in the center of America (North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, parts of Utah, Nebraska, and Canada) remain free. (a review of the fictional book Agenda 21.)

With the promises of money and women (plus a ticket home) after the war ends, the Illuminati is able to fill the UN’s military ranks, mostly from Africa and the Middle East. It’s expected the American militias will finally be beaten by human wave assaults which will also destroy much of the UN armies, and help lead to the main Illuminati goal of 85% fewer people on earth.

If the American militias are NOT finally destroyed the final option will be used.

The five-state coalition—the American breadbasket—will be nuked. For grain to feed the elite, and the slaves of the elite, the world will still have Argentina, France, the Ukraine and Russia,

But no patches of freedom can be tolerated.

Epilogue to Book 3 “the Next Generation Fights On”

It should be plainly clear that Chantal, Dodie, Jocelyn, and their men, are going to—for now—retreat, but as ‘the next generation’ they will continue the fight.

Folks, if this war ever happens for real, and with the direction our country at times seems to be going, it could. Would enough militias appear? Would they put up a united front and truly create a Free America? I think so, but then what?

Two Americas? Would we want to be surrounded by unfriendly forces, as Israel is today? Would the Illuminati—the godless elite—even accept a free America? Or would they choose to nuke that last vestibule of freedom?

If a war like this ever happens it truly could go on for generations.

Think of the 100-year European war fought between the kingdom of England and the kingdom of France, both with allies. The years were 1337-1453, actually longer than a hundred years, and also with a few truces. Did the war ever really satisfy either of the participants? Chances are it didn’t. Maybe they just got tired of fighting or maybe the peasants on both sides—who certainly filled most of the ranks of the fighting men—just simply said “No more!”

That was then and this is now.

The rest of the world—who never has had freedom like America—does not understand us Americans. I think Free America would never give up, not until the last free man and woman was killed, but what of the children…the next generation? I think they would go on and on and on, and keep fighting.

So stand tall, American men and women, hang onto your goals and your aspirations, hang onto your god, hang onto your family, and for God’s sake, hang onto your guns!

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Pharmacological Research Gone Berserk

Needed: volunteers. With 82,500 words, this medical mystery novel satisfies with plenty of drama, a touch of humor, some sex and violence and a bit of romance. Shea McTory, 31, homeless, volunteers to be locked up for six months for a human nutrition research study. He must learn to deal with nine other volunteers—one a psychopath—and—the good part—meets the love of his life.

While going to the bathroom in the dead of night, Shea McTory witnesses a gurney disappearing into a darkened elevator. Was one of the volunteers lying on it? Is something going on in secret? Something maybe illegal? Maybe even dangerous? Standing at his partly-opened, private door, after rubbing both sleep-starved eyes, he sees the night nurse on her station and everything is quiet again. So, did he see something suspicious, or not? Was he maybe even hallucinating? He has no idea, but what he “thinks” he saw will bother him all night, and later challenge and antagonize him. The conditions he’s living under will prevent any open investigation…any wrong move could even get him kicked out of the study.

Where he’s living could be compared to a Prisoner-of-war camp. Prisoners-of-war live in a place cold and dirty, they eat only what they’re given and their bathroom is likely a pail or can. And they’re locked up. They probably are allowed a little exercise but can go nowhere. I’ve never been a prisoner-of-war, so I don’t know, exactly, what happens, but I can imagine, and I’m pretty sure a prisoner-of-war camp is not a very nice place.

In this novel there are some similarities to a prisoner-of-war camp. Nutrition research volunteers live in a warm and clean facility, and are absolutely locked up. They can go to movies, the mall, bookstores, pretty much whatever, but their every move out in the regular world is chaperoned. No candy, pop, cigarettes, alcohol, and no sex, not even a public water fountain, no anything that people living a normal life can have anytime they want.

Life at MEAL, the Metabolism & Excretion Analysis Laboratory, is not a normal place. Men—volunteers—living there are told what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and definitely how to go to the bathroom. At the end of their meals they’re required to clean their dishes, literally, to lick them clean, so that they get every drop of nutrition measured out for each individual volunteer. There’s lots of free time, but tests like electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, underwater weighing, controlled exercise, et cetera, go on all week. So, it’s not really like a prisoner-of-war camp, and nobody gets tortured or brutalized.

PRGB Book Front Cover

And even though they signed their name and get paid for living under these conditions for up to six months at a time, they still have the option of stopping, of quitting. And that’s the clincher, what makes living at MEAL similar to, but also way different from, a prisoner-of-war camp: any time they can’t take it a moment longer, they can leave.

The real test is emotional: Frustrations build, tempers flare, love affairs, friendships, hatreds, develop.

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Sacrificing Families on the Altar of Feminism

Another outstanding post by a courageous Mother.

I’ve often lamented that I should have been a young mom in the 1940s and 1950s—back in the day when it was the norm for women to relish staying home to raise their children, when women took pride in keeping the home and providing a home-cooked meal at the end of every day, when families sat down around the dinner table to discuss whatever the topic of conversation might be.

Unfortunately, in our day this way of life is more of a dream than a reality. Instead of being the norm, those of us who have chosen this lifestyle are now in the minority and oftentimes looked down upon. The reason? I believe it’s feminism. I’m not talking about the raging protesters who wear body-part costumes and take to the streets. I’m talking about a subtle movement that has taken root in the church, in those of us who are…

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