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Post 2 of 3 “Daughters” Book 5 Coming

I looked for a friendlier video to begin this post (like the last one) but couldn’t find. Most are raucous, and at the end always show the new girls ordered to strip. Then the video fades, which leads us into this post.
According to some online articles, hazing in general (including sorority house initiation rituals) has been banned (or at least frowned upon) most everywhere. Not so I don’t think. Some sorority houses are not only still doing it, but videotaping and selling to online porn sites. Yes, I will admit it. I’m male. I occasionally look at free online porn. Yes, much of it is free and available to anyone who might stumble across it, as I did a while back, which inspired Book 3 of my series. Yes! Pornography is legal, but the brutality—and outright inhumanity—of most of it turns my stomach! (And BTW, you don’t have to look at the short video to discover the brutality/inhumanity; all you need to decide whether or not you will watch is the very short descriptions and previews.)
How old are the dominatrices in the videos? I don’t know. The few videos I was able to stand watching never really showed the ones doing the talking and directing. The girls being directed, though, were right there, totally naked, some trying to cover themselves, but nothing was off limits to the camera. Their faces showed confusion, embarrassment, horror, even a little fear.
(Some, however, showed no emotion. A few even appeared to be thinking, “Let’s get on with the show!” Oh, yes, and there were female spectators. Lots of them. More about them later.)
Am I absolutely/positively certain some sororities are hazing and selling videos to online porn? No, of course not. How could I be sure of that? But I seriously doubt that online porn studios could/would recruit 3-20 “gorgeous young women” to create just one short video, and then another 3-20 to create another, and another, and another, and on and on! At that one site there are at least a dozen. Maybe many more, because each time one clicks, six more video choices appear. Did I watch them all? Good God, no! An emphatic no! I watched three (enough material for Book 5) but I couldn’t stand to see any more of the sad and unhappy faces of those naked young girls being insulted, ridiculed, and sexually assaulted. YES! Sexually assaulted! In all forms of the word: ASSAULTED!
Why else do I think some sororities are doing what I just described?
One of the few times I could stand to listen to what those sociopathic dominatrices were saying, I actually heard the word ‘sorority,’ more than once. Sure, that word could just have been part of a normal porn script. But I doubt it. There were too many videos and always different girls. (A fourth video I watched included just three girls, the “dominatrix” and the two victims. One victim appeared disgusted more than anything, but did what she was told. The other was hard to describe; she wasn’t happy but appeared to be in learning mode, and also did exactly as told. [Look for a detailed description in Book 5. Even though I felt sorry for those two girls {all of them!} I felt I needed to watch it all and then tell their story as seen through my eyes.
The following Youtube video is, to me, disgusting. While watching, my stomach turned into a knot, constantly wondering, “WHY?” Why would those freshman girls subject themselves to such treatment? And those senior girls, they strutted around like they thought they were goddesses on earth–What bitches! (And I hate using that word!) My answer, the seniors were subjected to the same treatment when they were freshmen, and these new freshmen girls, remembering this abuse (some of them) will continue the cycle.
In Book 5 of my “Daughters” series, Brandi, the innocent, says, “Little girls are some of the cutest, sweetest, most charming and loveable creatures on earth. I don’t know how they can grow up to become vicious, sadistic, beasts!”
Yes, Brandi is a fictional character. I wrote what she said. But had she been real, and I have no doubt there are countless college girls–if subjected to such treatment–would say the same, and I would so, so, agree with them.
In the end, it unfortunately appears that impressionable (and that’s the key: ‘impressionable’) young girls can be lead (not only into a pornographic or prostitution situation, and then be sold be someone thought trustworthy) but also can be led by slightly older girls they thought they could trust into a thought-benign initiation ritual. Looking at the expressions on the faces of these young girls (YouTube and online porn both) I highly suspect they had no idea what was coming, and won’t discover they are now porn queens until their turn to do the initiating comes up. (And they’ll be mad as hell if they don’t get to do it!)
So that’s why I’m including sororities in my human trafficking series. The slightly older girls giving all the orders to those young and innocent girls were girls!–the so-called gentler and more-loving half of our species. It appears women can be worse than men simply because they are that so-called gentler half!