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“Daughters” Book 5 Coming Soon “Sorority Animal House”

Daughters Book Cover 5 v08
On the finished cover this sentence is added to my bio: “And in this case naive young women joining a sorority, with no idea what’s coming.”
“Daughters” is the continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.
Book 5 “Sorority Animal House”
Emma is the strong female lead begun in Book 1 at the age of 18 when she was abducted, raped, trained and trafficked. In Book 5, she is 22, finished with college, a bona fide social worker, well versed in criminal justice, and is earning a black belt in Taekwondo. She has partnered with Jacey Wendell, a young lady attorney. Together they will specialize in helping victims of human trafficking. They barely have their new shingle hung at their office in Abundance, Montana, and their online website posted when four young ex-sorority women appear. Their stories will open a very dark and secret door about some Sororities.
Two characters with viewpoint besides Emma.
Arianna, the angry, represents the pent-up embarrassment, anger, frustration—and pure rage—that has simmered for a year, waiting for the new crop of naïve freshmen pledges and her turn at carrying out the Sorority House Initiation Ritual!
One year ago she experienced the initiation and has been ‘angry’ ever since, and practically salivates thinking of what she will do to her new little sister pledge. It was done to her so it’s only fair she get to do it to someone else—right?
Brandi, the innocent, just out of high school where she was president of her class, editor at her school newspaper, and graduated with a 3.9 grade average. Even though small in size, she played soccer, excelled as shortstop in softball and led the varsity volleyball team to a district championship. She is ready to move forward in her life, and represents the innocence of so many young people—boys and girls both—as every autumn they head for colleges across America for the first time.

And so the cycle continues….
Hard to believe that after these three girls are humiliated in this short video, that some (or all three) will do the same (or worse) to the new sorority pledges next year, or sooner. Even the seemingly simple amount of humiliation that takes place–in my mind–places these three sorority captains in the class of subhuman. So what about the three on their knees. Maybe they will not carry the tradition on, maybe they will say “No! It stops here!”
We can hope.
Notice at the end of the video the three are told to take their clothes off…then the video fades as the three begin following that order. This video is from YouTube, but if one searches a bit farther…yes, some get much, much, worse. There’s even a site called Hazingporn.
After the insults, name-calling, pure abuse, shown in this gentler video these three young women will eventually re-enter society with memories of this treatment that will never completely fade.
Watch it, listen, and weep.