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“American Sniper” A Review

The following 2-minute video shows the best of the best of the movie. Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, and Sienna Miller at their very, very, best.

Finally got to see the movie “American Sniper.” For a time a lot of Facebook posts have showed muslims very unhappy about the movie, and felt fear because of it, and in some universities they actually got the showing canceled. One university in Michigan, though, a girl student stood up, got a new petition rolling and got it reinstated. (Yes, there are still a few patriotic Americans around; some of the people running the universities…not so much.)
Right away we see Chris Kyle lying prone on a rooftop looking through his telescopic sights. On the street below rolls a tank and a squad of American soldiers. In his viewfinder appears a woman dressed in nun clothing and a small boy. Something is hidden beneath her clothes. They stop, she passes a grenade to the boy. Chris aims but….
While Chris was watching the situation through his viewfinder, the movie switches to his earlier life, and the events that led him to become the man he was. In my mind, a caring and kind man who did not like shooting muslims, what he did like was protecting and saving his boys, which required shooting the people trying to kill them. He also believed in the war and served four tours. During his trips home he lamented “Nobody gives a shit!”
True, Chris, Americans have not seen the danger of war since the Civil War. We have forgotten.
He met a fabulous woman in a bar. She, “…would never marry a SEAL.” but, evidently would date one. That first meeting goes on to some sort of drinking game and ends with the poor woman vomiting her guts. I think she would not have allowed the over-drinking if she had not already decided this was her man. (Just a thought.) They marry before he goes to war and he leaves her pregnant with their first child.
The movie returns to the first scene: The boy runs toward the approaching tank and soldiers. Our American sniper shoots the boy. The woman then runs, grabs the grenade and throws, and is also shot.
A woman and a child now dead in the street.
What was Chris Kyle to do? Allow American soldiers to be killed instead? I don’t think so.
I once spoke with a young Vietnam veteran who told a similar story. A young Vietnamese boy was running toward him with a grenade. He shot the boy, and now will live the rest of his life with that unending memory, but what else was he do do? Open his arms to that boy, which would have gotten them both killed? I think not.
War definitely is hell.
I sometimes felt sorry for Chris’s wife. Truly she was a strong woman; a necessity to be to be married to a professional soldier, but times when he came home she would say, “You’re here, but you aren’t here…” But such a thing is impossible for someone who hasn’t been “there,” to understand. I do understand.
During my four years in the navy’s submarine service, when I came home, often all I could think of was getting back. I never shared those thoughts with my family. They wouldn’t have understood (I didn’t understand, but now I do.)
What part of the movie this conversation happened in I don’t remember, but it’s unforgettable. They were riding and the word went out that the town was evacuated of civilians, “so any young man of military age is here to kill you.” Something like that.
The “Butcher” was one of the really, really, really, bad guys (favorite weapon a drill.) Not really certain if they got him. I think so and hope so. If any person truly deserved killing it was that man. One muslim sniper was plenty bad too, and plenty good with his sniper rifle. In one of the last scenes Chris finally got him, a shot over a mile. That scene got plenty busy. They were surrounded and suddenly there was dust filling the screen, but I suspect that is how war really is. Half the time (maybe three-quarters of the time) (dust, night, no uniform) you can’t see the enemy.
But what a man!
The last scene showed Chris leaving with the veteran who killed him.
I don’t consider that a spoiler because we all now know what happened.
One last word: The going away funeral Chris received was Texas extraordinaire!
This 4-minute video shows an interview with the real Chris Kyle and Conan O’Brian, my favorite talk show host along with Jay Leno.

The last 7-minute video is an interview with Bradley Cooper. Two things I’d like to point out. An only-time visit with the real Chris Kyle, he told Bradley he thought he was “too pretty” to play him. The other was when Bradley asked loser Sean Penn a question during an interview early in Cooper’s life. (Sorry, but I don’t care for Penn.)