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Post 3 of 3 “Daughters” Book 5 “Sorority Animal House” coming soon

This first video is interesting; some sorority girls seem to think it’s all a big joke, but some others don’t sound all that turned on by sororities, and dare to say what they want…I guess, as long as it’s anonymous….
Daughters is the continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.

Emma is the strong female lead begun in Book 1 at the age of 18 when she was raped, beat up and sold into prostitution. In Book 5, she is 22, finished with college, a bona fide social worker, well versed in criminal justice, and is earning a black belt in Taekwondo. She has partnered with Jacey Wendell, a young lady attorney. Together they will specialize in helping victims of human trafficking. They barely have their new shingle hung at their office in Abundance, Montana, and their online website posted when four young ex-sorority women appear. Their stories will open a very dark and secret door about some Sororities.
Two characters with viewpoint besides Emma:
Brandi represents the innocence of so many young people—boys and girls both—as every autumn they head for colleges across America for the first time.
Ariana represents the pent-up embarrassment, anger, frustration—and pure rage—that has simmered, waiting for the new crop of pledges and her turn at carrying out the Sorority House Initiation Ritual!
Continuing from Post 2 of 3…from the other three videos, here’s partially what I saw:
From two to six girls are completely naked. Completely! Not one square inch of body is off-limits to the camera. Not one! The faces of some those naked girls show revulsion, embarrassment, and heartbreaking sadness as they are put through their rites. As I said, some even try to cover their nakedness…but they soon will be beat down and will do exactly what they are told.
A sort of ‘Stockholm Syndrome?’ I suppose.
They know the camera is rolling. Some even look toward it, and then the emotions on their faces double and triple…so they know it’s rolling, but do they know it’s going online for the whole world to see? For their parents to see? Boyfriends? Siblings? Friends? I doubt it, but they are there, so what are they to do? Refuse to participate? Some probably do. I hope so.
Those giving the orders, the sociopathic dominatrices, give detailed instructions of what the girls are to do to each other and to themselves and to accept what others do to them. I won’t describe here, but in my upcoming Book 5, yes, I will.
A dozen or more spectator perverts/whatever are just watching, laughing, oohing and ahhhhing…and definitely guilty by association. Guilty? Yes! I would like to see all their asses kicked and thrown in jail for how they can treat innocent young women. These are all (perpetrators, spectators, victims) good-looking, gorgeous young women. The new ‘littles,’ as they are called (their so-called sisters are called ‘bigs’) are maybe away from home for the first time, gone to a university where they thought they would be safe to learn, to reach for their goals. In fact, why would they even consider whether or not they would be safe—from other women, for Christ’s sake?!
So then begins the lure of belonging to a sorority. Maybe they have dreamed for years of joining one of those Greek-inspired…whatever the hell they are!
Again, I doubt the porn studios could recruit that many young good-looking girls to perform in those videos, so, I’m pretty sure it’s some (again clarifying the word ‘some’) sororities themselves doing it.
If I had a daughter, and learned the university she was attending allowed, by ignorance and apathy, such a thing to occur in order for her to join a sorority…well, I maybe should not even think of what I would do, for certain not detail it here.
Why do they do it? Why do those giving the orders put the new girls through such horror? Likely, the very same thing was done to them the year before, and they are just getting back at the new kids. For one year they have experienced and suppressed PTSD. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) It’s a cycle that needs to stop!
At the end, yes, guys (and some hardass women) create a ton—10 tons—100 tons—of pornography constantly. So why am I complaining about some gorgeous young women creating just a little? Because they are women! (Again, the so-called gentler half of our species) using innocent other young women who just wanted to join a sorority and who probably didn’t understand what they were getting into.
How is this related to my series on human trafficking? Can the girls/women directing and participating in those videos be called human traffickers? Yes! Absofreakinglutely!
Yes, the naked girls in those videos were there by choice…or were they? Maybe the ‘littles’ just quietly trusted their big sister ‘bigs’ to have their best interests in mind, and just kept naively following instructions until it was—basically—too late to stop….
For more information here is a website devoted to stopping the practice of hazing.
From here to the last video is material I shared last time; I believe it bears repeating:
In Book 5 of my “Daughters” series, Brandi, the innocent, says, “Little girls are some of the cutest, sweetest, most charming and loveable creatures on earth. I don’t know how they can grow up to become vicious, sadistic, beasts!”
Yes, Brandi is a fictional character. I wrote what she said. But had she been real, and I have no doubt there are countless college girls–if subjected to such treatment–would say the same, and I would so, so, agree with them.
In the end, it unfortunately appears that impressionable (and that’s the key: ‘impressionable’) young girls can be lead (not only into a pornographic or prostitution situation, and then be sold be someone thought trustworthy) but also can be led by slightly older girls they thought they could trust into a thought-benign initiation ritual. Looking at the expressions on the faces of these young girls (YouTube and online porn both) I highly suspect they had no idea what was coming, and won’t discover they are now porn queens until their turn to do the initiating comes up. (And they’ll be mad as hell if they don’t get to do it!) And who could blame them?
So that’s why I’m including sororities in my human trafficking series. The slightly older girls giving all the orders to those young and innocent girls were girls!–the so-called gentler and more-loving half of our species. It appears women can be worse than men simply because they are that so-called gentler half!
In this last video, first, the sound is poor, but what can you expect from complete amateurs? Also, I kept expecting “hoping” that the sensible-looking girl on the far right would tell those sorority queen bitches to get F^*ked and walk away, but, she didn’t, and at the end of the video she started getting naked just like the others, just like she was told.
Yes, I was disappointed.
If you look at the video, there is a site listed that will prove what I’m saying. The site has been there before but I didn’t care to look; I didn’t care to see what I was pretty sure would be there. I hope many young girls thinking of joining a sorority will look and see and learn. I hope mothers will look, and I’d like to ask the girls in those videos, “Would you want your daughter to be abused like this?”
But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe some women do consider sorority hazing as a true rite of passage to womanhood