New World Order Rising, Book 2

Little six-year-old Dodie is gone and barely mentioned in Book 2. Carter and daughter, Chantal, are both devastated, but a little seven-year-old girl, Jocelyn, has joined them. She captures Carter’s heart immediately, and with no malice intended begins replacing Dodie.
The cover of Book 2 shows a young girl appearing to be trying to escape what likely is a pedophile. The girl on the cover represents Jocelyn who has lived with the Illuminati all the life she remembers. Carter is certain the young girl needs counseling but of course he feels wholly inadequate to counsel her himself…until one day Jocelyn asks him to sleep by her (because others have) which, he didn’t, but, later, took her on horseback into the pasture where he got her to speak and describe how the pedophilic, Satanic, Illuminati, treated her.
New World Order Rising” has become a 6-book series, Book 2 subtitled “The New Civil War.”
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After rescuing Chantal and leaving the Satanist Illuminati sacrifice camp, first stop is Beth Friday’s house in Maston, Kansas, for cleaning up, collecting supplies, more armament, and re-grouping, then setting out for the 1500-mile return-trip to Carter’s sister’s farm in east central North Dakota. In every town they will see the black-uniformed police dragging civilians from their homes and National Guard officers carrying clipboards likely listing gun-owners.
Luckily, Carter, with his load of seven women (4 young girls, plus Beth, Noni, daughter, Chantal) plus little Jocelyn, gets stopped only twice, but the black uniforms are everywhere. Carter has been gone from North Dakota like a week and is having trouble comprehending so much change could take place so quickly.
But that’s how it could happen, folks. We don’t like to think of our government turning on us, but if HRC had gotten elected…well, my book could be coming true right now. Governments have been turning on their people from the beginning of time. Recently think Nazi Germany, Communist Soviet Union, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba, Venezuela disappearing before our eyes, much of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, due to the worldwide Muslim invasion…the list goes on. All it takes is a tyrant taking control, like Obama, Trudeau, der fuhrer Merkel–Yes, the list goes on.
True God-fearing Americans will never allow the DNC viewpoint to take over our good country (even though we DID allow it for eight years under Obama.) We can thank God HRC was NOT elected, but the Illuminati, the shadow government, the Deep State—all the elements of the left—still have plenty of power.