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2 excerpts from Chapter 29 They are already in the New Mexico desert. Main character Carter has POV: **** “So, you are an AWOL officer in charge of local militia men…?” “That’s right, the New World Order, the Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, whatever the hell you want to call them, they are poised to take over. That last mass shooting provoked a massive new gun law by the liberals. Without presenting it all to you, the most important item was demanding registration of every firearm in the nation, from .22 caliber pistols to antique shotguns to, of course, the AR15. A registration will take a huge amount of time, but even if they aren’t finished registering, the next mass shooting just might provoke the confiscation.” The man placed his hand over his mouth for a few seconds, then continued, “If they aren’t already confiscating as we speak. Disarm America first, including Canada—whatever they might have—then the rest of the world will likely fall into line. “Oh sure, there’ll be individuals—like you people—who will try to fight—a few Latin Americans, probably a few Brits—but you won’t know who the enemy is. Outside of my lieutenant here—“ He nodded toward their escort, “I don’t even know how many of the men here in camp are true militia. Some might even be army intelligence, or NSA. As Fox Mulder of the X-files would say, we can ‘trust no one'.” The officer took a breath, “So that’s what we—including you folks—are up against.” “But you said they are ‘poised to take over'.” Carter said, “How do you know that?” The captain turned to Carter, “You remember the black-uniformed police you saw—that your partner just described to me, the ones who took that union bunch—not that I have any love for the unions—but they took them, and, at the moment, on yet a small scale, that’s happening all over the country and Canada, and not just union strikers but individuals too, like yourselves. You’ve been gone for what? Just four days? “Yes,” Carter said. “From Fargo, North Dakota, yes?” The man all but smiled, “Fargo should have stayed small and out of sight, but no, she had to grow and grow—had to join the big boys, not that, in the end, it would have made any difference. Furnaces all over the country will soon be pouring out smoke, and, just like the Jews, nobody—or few—will believe what’s happening, until it’s too late, and believe me, this new power that’s upon us will be able to do—what the Nazis tried—a lot faster, and absolutely more efficiently—” **** The captain gestured toward the door, “Remember, though, the Illuminati have a very, very, powerful, ally.” Only Carter—evidently the only one who didn’t already know—stopped, “Who?” “Lucifer.” The captain spoke with the straightest of face.

8 tenets of the New World Order revealed – and every one of them is on the ballot Nov. 3

God help us if the people of the new world order are like whoever this Keith Olberman is and where on earth (maybe the universe) did he come from. I thought about watching and listening to the video twice to try figure it out, but couldn’t stand the thought of seeing that…whatever “it” is, again.

A vote for Biden is a vote for the NWO…You have a choice…Where do you stand?

The term “New World Order” has become ubiquitous among elitist members of the political class but what would a newly ordered, totally transformed society as proposed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually look like?

Vice President Biden, in an April 5, 2013, speech to the Export-Import Bank, provided a hint in his call for the creation of a “New World Order.”

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My Review of FATWA “Hunted in America” by Pamela Geller Review: Fatwa Hunted in America Pamela Geller begins by describing her carefree life in New York City before 9/11. She never considered the possibility of losing her freedom in such a wonderful country as America..."No country was better to its Jews." (I had the same feelings of freedom but it took me many more … Continue reading My Review of FATWA “Hunted in America” by Pamela Geller

If Elected…Kamala Harris Promises Executive Gun Control To Control And Take America’s Guns

This “person” is not going to be elected anyway, but, just in case, it would be well to read some of her ravings.

Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

At the Democrat debates last week, Kamala Harris reiterated her promise to use her power as President of the United States to utilize executive action to implement ‘gun control’!

In fact, while the other Democrat hopefuls vowed to implement stringent gun control, Senator Kamala Harris decided to one-up them, as she said if Congress couldn’t get American’s guns, she would do so THROUGH EXECUTIVE ACTION!

Kamala Harris said that she would use executive action to…

“put in place the comprehensive background check policy we’ve had”

Harris then added that she would order the ATF to…

“take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law.”

Interestingly, she then went on to say that she would issue an executive order to ban the importation of “assault weapons,” even though it is already banned under the ATF’s policy!

In the end, Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party would do…

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