Some of my Books for Free

Hi, everybody, beginning Sunday, March 6, 2022, for one week will be a sale for digital books from thousands of authors. At Smashwords I have only digital (possibly to include paperbacks in future.) For the first 2-3 days my 10 books will all be free, but that might not last the entire week.
Clicking on my photo (or the link below) will take you to my page where you can see all covers and read short descriptions.
A 6-book series, New World Order Rising is included, which is a fictional look at what is going on in our good country today. I began the series in 2012, after the election, then 3 months of research, mostly conspiracy theories, but many of those “theories” have become–or are becoming–FACT. Six books for free is a good deal, so I hope you will take a look. In some series one can read in any order. In this series one needs to read in order, as each book leads quickly into the next. Thanks!

Or, WTH, get all 10. You’ll have reading material for a long time, and you won’t be sorry. SmashWords Author Page

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