The Pearl Harbor Moment

In creating this post I’ve based much of it on the most recent offering from Michael Matt (MM) of Remnant TV, who I’ve been following for about three years. Nobody sent me his work. Often I just stumble onto work by the best of the best, and Michael Matt is right up there. His latest at Remnant-TV is entitled “The Current Thing.”

Notice, I titled “this” post “The Pearl Harbor Moment,” for good reason. It seems many people “think” they want a REAL war because of Ukraine, in other words, “WWIII.” You see, that’s how major wars start, some little incident, planned or otherwise. Like the assassination beginning WWI, and like the sneak attack of Pearl Harbor during WWII. (I won’t go into the Pearl Attack because it cannot be blamed entirely on Japan.) Anyway, that “incident” happened and America joined the war, otherwise we might have stayed uninvolved.

We (meaning the world) have had a whole big bucket of “Current Things,” starting with our fake 2020 election, the fake virus, the fake vaccines, then Ukraine, then Putin and Russia being the “bad” guys, which they aren’t, and everything being pushed to start WWIII. Ukraine right now is being run by a little man named Zelensky, who begs NATO regularly for more weapons and a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Getting back to MM, he introduced me to the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and who, I believe, is behind all—at least most—of the current “things.” Schwab tells us in this new planned world order we will “own nothing and be happy,” something that evil character actually seems to believe. Schwab brings along several other shifty characters like Bill “Microsoft” Gates, George “Foundations Unlimited” Soros, John “Climate Change” Kerry, fake Pope Francis—oh, yes, and Yuval “humans are now ‘Hackable Animals’ Harari” and many other leftist wackjobs who want the whole world to bow before them for their globalist New World Order.

Klaus Schwab and, likely, his “Young Global Leaders,” like Canada’s Trudeau, France’s Macron, the UK’s Boris Johnson, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, America’s Zuckerberg (I haven’t heard that Zuch is  yet involved—that deeply—but I think his name should be included here. I suspect many of those “young” are also behind many of the world’s recent misfortunes—at least helping—and will continue to help, until America’s mid-term election. The left is desperate to hold onto power and likely will do anything to keep it.

Hmmm…, I wonder how many false flags are coming????

There’s a big list of (“Current Things”) to choose from. Shortages leading to famine, our money disappearing into a government-controlled digital bitcoin, a cyber attack—oh wait! We already have bare shelves, so famine is already upon us. About money, I suppose the government could empty all bank accounts and FORCE us to accept digital money, but would all America’s patriots go along with that travesty?

During all this occurring and coming BS, at least we have a version of WWIII happening, and possibly getting hotter, if some people have their way.

Back to the “Great Reset:” Since Russia has adopted Christianity (not a new thing, pretty sure they were before Communism struck.) Anyway, Russia has become a stumbling block for the Great Reset. Putin wants nothing to do with it. We are still short on real facts, of why, exactly, but Putin invaded Ukraine, as he said, “to de-Nazify it,” meaning, I believe, the AZOV Battalion. Putin, of course, is NOT believed. America, Europe, and likely most of the world, thinks instead that Putin is just another dictator—and thug—wanting to kill Women and children. Videos and still photos of dead-appearing Ukrainian bodies and destroyed large buildings are blamed on Russia—but wait a minute! Dead-“appearing” bodies? Right! One video I’ve seen has those dead bodies coming back to life, meaning they are NOT dead but were needed to appear so, for the narrative against Putin.

Our fine President Biden (meaning his handlers and puppeteers) are heavy in blaming Putin for everything. So are many other nations which is driving Putin into the welcoming arms of China, Iran, North Korea, and other bad actors. Russia closed the oil valve to what he referred to as the “unfriendly countries.” I don’t blame him, but it has given Biden-boy someone to blame for high gas prices and skyrocketing grocery prices, plus other inflated prices and problems.

It’s all Putin’s fault!!!!

It used to be mainly America standing in the way of the Great Reset, but now it’s Russia too. Biden, his entire woke administration, and the leftist portion of American people (meaning the regular but brainwashed democrat voters) seem to LOVE the idea of the Great Reset, where we/they will all sink into a deep hole of socialism. It’s the American patriots and believers in the 2ND Amendment who want NOTHING to do with Schwab and his “Reset.”

Schwab would LOVE to see Russia and America go to war and destroy each other—would make bringing their one world government to fruition so MUCH easier with both the strong nations GONE! With Russia we should be best of friends, instead of blaming her for everything.

Schwab refers to most regular people as “useless eaters,” and suggests from a page of his book (a social site warrior photographed a sentence saying (as I recall) that the White people of America, Canada, Europe, Australia, should be disposed of first, leaving the black and brown people as slaves to the elite, saying “…because they would be easier to control.”

THAT is very possibly true.

To end this becoming lengthy post I will mention the most recent video of, “And We Know” and a part of the interview by Stew Peters with Dr. Bryan Ardis. I won’t try to describe it. A bit terrifying (God and Satan both are mentioned having a battle right here on Earth.) Yes, I believe, if America is going to survive, God will have to get involved. But you should look at the video yourself. Stew Peters has the full version, entitled, “Watch the Water.”

How about all the people who’ve died or been damaged—not from the so-called virus but the so-called vaccine developed to fight the virus: 1,205,753+ dead, and damaged. Just America? Don’t know, but the number looks pretty small for the whole world.

Then there’s all the deaths of people placed on ventilators, and WHY they died: do your own research of the very toxic drug Remdesivir, also mentioned in the video, as being the “WHY.”

Finally, we should all ask these elite global billionaire people wanting all the power, “Why do you want to kill 85-95 % of us? What have we ever done to you?”

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