FEMA “America, The Great Country That Was”

The fictional story, FEMA (52,000 words) my latest novel, is closely related to the 6-book series, “New World Order Rising” and free right now at Amazon.

Looking at our present world, yes, (with the nearly guaranteed re-election of President Donald Trump) it looks like America is safe from socialism/communism/slavery for the next four years, but know that the evil power of the Left will never end. The so-called “elite” people of the Illuminati have been around for 200-300 years. They have patience, so don’t think for one second that they will ever give up. They won’t. As President Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”


Sure, you’ve heard about bad things happening, but it doesn’t happen right here. Right? And anyway, they always fix things so nothing really bad ever happens…right? There’s that generic term ‘they’, but has anyone ever figured out who exactly ‘they’ is?
So, every night you go to bed and don’t worry cause everything is alright.
Monday morning you rise, prepare breakfast, get ready for work and expect this day to be like every other day. But it’s not. Something changed last night.
You are met at the door by men in non-American uniforms. You get pushed into a windowless van with no explanation except to do what you are told.
What the hell is happening?
Meet Martina Louise Evans, 34 (main POV character.) She just wants to live a normal life in the new America. ‘Your Life’ is a social media site she follows, expressly to see the political posts—though no love for politics—from, ‘Christopher Robin’, a silhouette for a profile picture, and likely a fake name. She moved from Virginia to backwater Nebraska nine months ago, thinking the western state would be homey and quiet. It was, until that Monday morning preparing for work.
‘Christopher Robin’, 40s. In the new America he hides behind a fake online identity. With foresight he helped establish a militia presence/hideout in central Montana. After the clever gun confiscation he leaves his computer programming job, shuts down his site, heads for the hideout.
Danek Othman, 50s, is a new world order officer from the German Illuminati in charge of ‘Operation America’.
These three people will collide as Othman uses Martina to take down ‘Christopher Robin’ and begin eliminating the threat to the new world order by American militias.

EXTRA: I’m releasing FEMA at the likely re-election of Donald Trump. In 2012, at the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, I awoke to politics after a long sleep and wrote Book 1 of New World Order Rising “The Abduction” which has turned into a six book series. In the future I will place them one at a time at this same location, BooksbyJamesWNelson.

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