Who I am and why I’m here

My name is James W. Nelson, Indie-author

“indie” BTW means independent.
Before the internet, publishers had all the power. That’s not to say I would never be interested in going the traditional route, I would. But, from past experience I know that the people working for those publishers will try to get you to change and change what you’ve written until you won’t recognize your own work as your work.

Jim Photo
But, my options remain open for discussion.
In the so-called “old days” publishers controlled not only what was published, but more importantly, what the public was allowed to read. That’s not the case anymore. Anybody can write and publish anything they want. Of course just because anybody can do that does not mean it is all good reading.
There’s plenty of…”questionable” material out there. That’s why we have brains, to read until we know whether we like, or dislike, what we’re reading. My books are self-published and guaranteed.
Oral communication has never been my strong point—OMG, I was so blank with the girls when I was growing up. I definitely did not get the one I wanted, and ended up never getting married…which is NOT a bad thing.
I have always wanted to communicate, so, eventually turned to writing, and reading. My very first book read (about the third grade) “The Chisel-tooth Tribe,” and I don’t remember one thing about it, except that it had great pictures of the many, many, species of rodents.
My first actual writing was a short journal during my 4-year hitch in the navy but those words have never been seen by anyone but me. A rich memory though, in 2010, I produced my memoirs, Dying to Live, available at Amazon. ($2.99 digital–$12.00 paperback)

Blogging came shortly thereafter. I needed to get my feelings out. (This is my new site with WordPress.) Letters-to-the-editor in the past have helped, but today political correctness somewhat (actually quite a bit) restrains. In blogging I can say exactly what I want and can easily police myself.
Future blog posts will sometimes describe my novels, but very often my opinion, mostly on the darkness going on in America and the world today.
The theme above is entitled “Hemingway Revisited,” not that I’m comparing myself to Hemingway.

dying to live cover v20

Amazon Author Page:     https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004GW465S
Facebook:                          https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016932570853
Twitter:                             https://twitter.com/jameswnelson
Email:                               nelsonjamesw@hotmail.com
Website/blog:                  https://jameswnelsonblog.com/

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