So-called “Elites” Against Us

Like the poor, the "left" will always be with us...against us, that is. Professors, administrators, and other top people in education, who--either are now getting--or did get--their early training from the 1970s hippies (who got "their" training from the beatnik generation) are now teaching our children in our universities, and/or have taught/influenced/brainwashed the teachers now … Continue reading So-called “Elites” Against Us

America Gets Her First Woman President

"...because she's a woman...." Election Day, 2016. America missed the bullet, literally. Had HRC won the presidency we probably would be ducking bullets right now. Why? Because America--as I've heard President Trump say twice--"will never become a socialist country." Would HRC have dumped socialism on us? Maybe not immediately but change would have begun very … Continue reading America Gets Her First Woman President