New World Order Rising, Book 4

Book 3 moves quickly into Book 4. The militia has experienced its first unplanned retreat after the overwhelming surprise attack by the UN. The UN does not have good soldiers but they have the numbers. Militia leader Carter Banks is killed. Young Jocelyn is nearly beside herself in grief for her adopted grandpa. She adopts a wounded German Shepherd dog and because of that has her first fight with her new boyfriend, Todd, who gave her first kiss at the mass wedding that same day.
All that happens in the first scene. Later, because her adopted mother, Chantal, is very pregnant, Jocelyn will receive leadership of the militia, and gives her first orders.

Charlie Tucker, owner of a neighboring farmstead but mostly unknown to the militia, from a distance sees his property taken over by a mass of Muslim soldiers driving pickup trucks just like they did in the Middle East during ISIS, plus a vehicle loaded with young women, including a doctor-teacher and two young girls. He leaves his home and approaches the militia for help. Barely rested from their previous battle, they agree and attack the farmstead that night. At the end young Dodie becomes the adopted mother of Bessie, 7, and Delight, 9.

Charlie Tucker’s niece, her husband, and baby, escaping from Illinois, are introduced. This family is followed off and on as they travel and run only at night without lights across Occupied Eastern America to get to the 5-state coalition of Free America.

The very next morning the militia will surprise-assault and beat the sleepy UN which has spent the night right there at the earlier battle site. Genevieve (introduced in book 1) is killed. Jocelyn loses another close friend. Ten years earlier Genevieve held little 7-year-old Jocelyn on her lap all during the trip from New Mexico back to North Dakota.

Available at Amazon, $2.99, digital, $15.00, paperback. Click on the cover right here for a free 5-chapter read.

The Grand Forks Airbase, a little too close to the state line with Minnesota fell early, plus the American military had orders from the Shadow Government NOT to help the citizen militias. The planes and most of the airmen had left early and moved west. But word got out that at least 200 airmen were still prisoners on the base, which the Illuminati leadership is now using as their Command Headquarters.
So just four days have passed before Jocelyn’s militia has to go north into battle yet again, but this time with several neighboring militias assisting. The night rescue itself is successful, but the militias have to leave the large UN force and large number of super soldiers basically unscathed. But that’s how it is. The militias have basic weapons whereas the Illuminati has a well-equipped army…even though they don’t have the best fighting men.

While the militia is gone what remains of the Muslim force assaults the farm. Dodie is there and a skeleton crew of militia. Eleven is killed. Dodie loses her man even before they truly got together. This sixteen-year-old warrior child–who has gotten quite proficient with her trusty knife–gets her kill #11.

All books in the series have a list of characters at the end, a list of other books by the author, descriptions, biographical and contact information.
This book and all books in the series is fiction, but based on what is happening in our good America today and much of the world. As a reminder, 2012, when our “first” Muslim president was re-elected, is when I began Book 1, which has became a 6-book series.
Book 6 ends the series but does NOT end the war. However, Book 6 DOES offer hope. But know, folks, if a war like this ever happens it could go on long past 10 years.

The hundred years war between England and France, 1337-1453, actually lasted 116 years, but with breaks. Was anything ever decided between the combatants? Doubtful. I haven’t done research on that war, but I suspect the mostly-peasant fighters just quit fighting.


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