FEMA…the future of America?

Imagine expecting the next day to be like every OTHER day. But something bad has happened. You’ve heard about it, but mostly it’s affecting other people, like gun owners. You don’t own a gun. You’ve never fired or even held one, so, when the confiscation happened you felt bad but it simply didn’t apply to you. You’re NOT political and you’ve never heard about politics paying attention to “you.”
Sure, you’ve heard about bad things happening in the country, and the world, but it doesn’t happen right here. Right? And anyway, they always fix things so nothing really bad ever happens…right? There’s that generic ‘they’, but has anyone ever figured out who exactly ‘they’ is?
So, every night you go to bed and don’t worry cause everything is alright.
The next morning you rise, prepare breakfast, get ready for work and expect this day to be like every other day. But it’s not. Something changed last night.
You are met at the door by men in non-American uniforms. You get pushed into a windowless van with no explanation except to do what you are told.
What the hell is happening?
Three Point Of View (POV) characters carry this, my newest novel. $2.99 digital
FEMA  America, the Great Country That Was
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Martina Louise Evans, 34, just wants to live a normal life in the new America. ‘YourLife’ is a social media site she follows, expressly to see the political posts of ‘Christopher Robin’, a silhouette for a profile picture and likely a fake name.
‘Christopher Robin’, 40s, in the new America he hides behind a fake identity. With foresight he helped establish a militia hideout/presence in central Montana. After the clever gun confiscation he leaves his computer programming job, shuts down his site, and heads for the hideout.
Danek Othman, 50s, is a new world order officer from the German Illuminati in charge of ‘Operation America’.
These three people collide as Othman uses Martina to take down ‘Christopher Robin’ and begin eliminating the threat to the new world order by American militias.
FEMA Book Front Cover 1 v8
Martina was ready for work that Monday morning, and, as usual, was ready with fifteen minutes to spare. She had a couple bites of toast left and a good sip of cranberry/raspberry juice, but nothing she couldn’t handle while computing. So, like every other day she opened her laptop in her bedroom and brought up ‘YourLife’, the social network for almost everybody. There, nearly every day, the very first thing, a fresh post waited from ‘Christopher Robin’.
Who is that guy? So mysterious. So—evidently—intelligent. And dreamy? She wondered about that too, every time she saw the profile picture of just a silhouette. So who are you, Christopher Robin? Are you a handsome and kind man, an uggo? Are you a monster? Are you even a man?—please don’t be a woman!
The doorbell.
Who on earth? Nobody ever came to her door this early in the day, and her few friends in Grand Vista knew she worked—a salesperson? Somebody pushing a petition? She began to feel a bit irritated, that some stranger would feel free to bother her.
She ignored it, then giggled a little under her breath, talking to that guy as if he’s real—but of course he’s real! He’s something, she just didn’t know what.

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My Review of FATWA “Hunted in America” by Pamela Geller

Review: Fatwa Hunted in America

Pamela Geller begins by describing her carefree life in New York City before 9/11. She never considered the possibility of losing her freedom in such a wonderful country as America…”No country was better to its Jews.”
(I had the same feelings of freedom but it took me many more years to truly awaken.)
For Pamela it pretty much changed overnight.
In her first chapter she speaks about her early life—”I loved Brooklyn. I would sneak out, take the car and go to jazz clubs and discos…late at night,”—but she soon started a website “Atlas Shrugs” (later became the Geller Report) and so began the ugly, vile, attacks from the left.
So quickly.
Chapter 3 talks about the Muslim girls who just wanted the freedom to do what they wanted. Heartbreaking to read…”honor killed” by their family, their father, their brother. Aqsa Parves was murdered for refusing to wear the hijab. When Aqsa continued to refuse, her father and brother decided to kill her. The brother asked an American friend to get him a gun.
The friend didn’t, so Aqsa’s brother simply strangled her.
Aqsa’s entire story is told, and there are other named American Muslim girl victims.
Every year thousands of women and girls are honor-killed, most by Muslims.
Chapter 4 talks of the Ground Zero mosque. Imagine, a 16-story monstrosity going up at Ground Zero. The reason: the presence of a mosque asserts a triumphal victory. There are thousands of “triumphal” mosques all over the Islamic world. Pamela led the charge that stopped the Ground Zero mosque. “President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, legions of craven politicians and a sharia-compliant, jackbooted media,” were very upset.
Chapter 5 examines our meat supply. For years Butterball served halal turkey until 2012 when Pamela brought it to national attention.
It gets worse.
Meat and poultry are being slaughtered under halah rules but only a small portion is labeled “halal,” meaning we likely unknowingly are bowing to Islam.
Much of Pamela’s book is related to her ad-wars. Whenever Jew-hatred, Islamophobia, honor killing, or other hate-filled ads would appear on the sides of buses or billboards, she would develop a rebuttal ad, but the odds were against her. Rather than publish hers the media would simply change the rules, like “no more political ads.” Many times she fought these “people” in court and often won to get her ad published.
But if the rules were changed then the jihadis didn’t get their ad either.
In Chapter 6 (about halfway through) she describes her visits with Zuhdi Jasser (a suit-wearing jihadi if I ever saw one.) The man is a professional doctor, specializing internal medicine. Is he a “moderate?” In my mind (like the leader of Turkey) no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. I think Zuhdi Jasser is the type who will lie and lie with a straight face in order to further the goal of Islam.
(To moderate a bit, I do feel sorry for the Muslim people. To leave Islam they face apostasy [death] so it’s easier for them to do what their leadership tells them and stay with Islam, meaning a billion and a half people are living in 7th Century ideological slavery.)
It seems 9/11 was not the beginning but just another step in the silent takedown of America. It started in the 1960s “…with the success of the violent Berkley student rebellion in 1964…” The left began stepping in and taking over. (I didn’t notice. I was naive, busy in the navy, with no thought of rebelling against the American leftist powers-that-be.)
Ross, North Dakota (my state) 1929, saw the first mosque built in nearly the center of North America. Was that the plan right then, a good place to spread the Islamic tentacles? The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928; the first Bro-hood organization was the MSAs (Muslim Student Associations) founded in the early 1960s. The first MSA appeared at the U of Illinois and spread quickly through American colleges (highschools too) which produced professionals ready to step into all American culture from academia to politics, education, religion, and on and on.
Way before 9/11 very likely the Bro-hood worked with the hijackers and had a plan to control the narrative right from the start, like when President Bush nearly immediately referred to Islam as a “…religion of peace.”
What rings and rings and rings in Pamela’s book—to me, at least—is, don’t offend or anger Muslims because innocent people could get hurt (and DO, regularly) just stay quiet and you’ll be okay—what BS!
Often/usually the media (what Pamela refers to as the enemedia and their lapdogs) not only doesn’t tell the whole story, sometimes outright lies, and gives voice to pro-sharia and pro-jihad and to hell with the victim. Sometimes her descriptions make me bust right out laughing, like referring to the New York Daily News as “deranged” “left wing.” I especially like “deranged.”
To end this review I will quote Pamela:
“This is ultimately not about me; it is about whether America will stand for freedom or surrender.
“I don’t want to die, but I will not live as a slave.”
Pamela Geller, live forever.

Something Wicked this Way Comes

(OK, I borrowed that title from a 1983 Horror movie by Ray Bradbury)

It’s been said that Americans will never give up their Constitution.
That’s commendable, but our American leftist non-brothers want it replaced with sharia.

Why are the Muslims emigrating to all other nations if they didn’t have a plan? That’s because they DO have a plan. I just got confirmation, thanks to an email friend who sends stuff regularly, Tonight it was “What is Hijrah?”

Hijrah is when large scale mass migrations become invasions, which is exactly what’s happening right freaking now, to Europe, Australia, Canada, America, the so-called civilized places that didn’t yet have a ton of Muslims.

The next paragraph is copied verbatim: (Bold is mine.)

Hijrah is jihad by emigration. It means moving to a new land in order to bring Islam there and is considered in Islam to be a holy and revered action. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance, and whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah.” Surah 4:100.  “So, if a Muslim dies in the process of emigrating to another country, that’s essentially the same as being a suicide bomber, his reward is automatic.”


Sometimes our modern high-tech world does seem a bit freaked up. Maybe the Muslims are right—to a point—and after they kill a few million of us and get their worldwide caliphate installed under sharia law, well, maybe then the world will be better.
How can I say such BS words?

I’ll list a few reasons.
Too many of us have become weak and dependent. Our food is all raised somewhere else. Sure, some of us have piddling little survival gardens, and some of us even can and dry and freeze enough produce to last till the next growing season.But that’s a very, very, few.

High tech electronics is taking over all communications. People are dumping their land phones as if they are on fire. Kids (and plenty so-called adults) walk with their noses stuck in their smart phones (they even sleep with their phone and often wake up to check–kids and adults both! Believe it or not!) Televisions, laptops, phones can now listen to you—and tell who knows what to who knows who?—and those gadgets can even see and listen to you when they’re turned off. Your new refrigerator knows when you open the door and what you remove. Cars that can drive themselves? Come on…! Your electrical power source?—I don’t even want to go there.

Most everything we use is manufactured not only somewhere else but in a foreign country (we no longer can even pound a nail straight!) We buy much of our oil from countries who hate us and use that money to send their invaders to destroy us from within. Gas lines. The 80s were bad, but nothing compared to what’s coming if we don’t break this oil-guzzling habit. With President Trump in charge things may begin to change…but don’t hold your breath. The left likely wants us to stay hooked to the Islamic oil cartels forever.
(Bit there is good news. Sometime ago it was announced that America was now producing more and more oil. Will that get us off the Islamic teat? Damn good question!)

Our Mainstream Media: 35 years ago 90% was run by 50 different companies. Today it’s run by just SIX all-powerful CEOs. They tell their underling flunkies what news to deliver to the sheeple and how they should describe it: opinion, not facts…right, folks, our MSM has one job, to brainwash the people on whatever those SIX CEOs want.

1984 is 35 years late but it’s here (and coming) in all its darkness and anti-glory.

We are truly becoming a globalist society, which is just what the globalists/elitests/leftists/liberals/progressives/open-border-fanatics/Illuminati, the new world order people, ETCETERA, want. The more we depend on somebody else for our needs, the easier to control us and, yes, eventually, enslave us.

That’s what the Islamic-run UN’s Agenda 21 was all about, and now it’s Agenda 2030, with 17 main goals, #1, ending poverty, #2, ending hunger, #10, reduce inequality, #13, climate change, and #16, justice for all.

And, of course, somewhere in that jumble of BS is the end of America’s Second Amendment, which the Islamic-run UN is pushing us right now to sign on with their Arms Trade Treaty! In fact I think our outgoing Muslim administration all ready signed (President Trump, I believe, ended that.)
Give me a FREAKING break!
The Constitution supersedes international treaties. Period!


As a last word on Islam, I believe the globalists are using the Muslim people not to take over the world but simply to get rid of a ton of infidels. I mean, the Illuminati plan is to eliminate 85% of the world’s population, leaving just enough human slaves to care for the elite in their gated communities. What better and more efficient way to get rid of a bunch of people then to turn loose the bloodthirsty Islamic rabble?

Okay, one more last word: religion, our Christian faith.
People not only have forgotten but are continuing to forget…gangbusters…the word “God” has been removed from our schools, government offices, pledges, oaths, and Muslims are allowed to swear on a Koran–NOT a Bible, which, to me, negates their oath.
But, hell, what the hell do I know?

As always, a sunrise or sunset photo to close. Tonight a sunset.
Siding the House 017


Why do Muslims Get the Free Ride?

I’ve been asking that question for years. Hispanics don’t expect a free ride. Blacks don’t expect it. No other group of people (immigrants) expect it. Oh, of course there are always unhappy “individuals” who will want everything under the sun—but as a group, nobody expects a free ride but the Muslims. They want this and they want that, and they GET almost everything they demand.

(I could have said “ask for” instead of “demand” but that’s what the Muslims do, they DEMAND!)

They demand prayer rooms and rugs at work and extra time off FIVE times a day for their prayers, and I have to wonder, “What the hell do they say during those prayers? And do they say the same thing day after day?” An EX-Muslim-turned-atheist told me that the common Muslim people mostly do NOT understand Islam, for certain NOT the Koran, and just do what they are told. They demand halal food in schools and prisons. (I read where a Burger King affiliate in France began offering Halal food—that’s when I quit Burger King [even if they don’t do it here] and now go to McDonalds only (and don’t think WE aren’t being force-fed halal food in packages NOT marked halal. They demand special beaches and swimming pools so they don’t have to be made to feel “Uncomfortable” around nearly nude other swimmers—I could go on and on.

Common Core I don’t really understand too much except that the Saudis paid schools to teach it, and then slipped in demands about including Islamic teachings (no other religions, though.) (Of course most of us know that Islam is NOT a religion, but that’s a matter for another post.)

Again, I could go on and on, but won’t, this time.

People who follow my blogs and Facebook page might think that I hate Muslims. I do NOT. But I DO hate the Islamic leadership that keeps their common Muslim people in ideological slavery. I believe the Islamic leadership KNOWS that Mohammed, Allah, and Islam itself are all pure BS, but they have the common Muslim people believing certain things and they want that to continue. How would they ever get their worldwide caliphate if they lost belief from the common Muslims? Here is a couple things the leadership has the people believing: for instance leaving Islam is apostasy punishable by death and the necessity of honor killing especially daughters and wives who get too Westernized. Young women want to get married outside the religion, they plain want to live their life.

For that they get killed (murdered, actually) usually by their father or brother(s) and sometimes their mother, aunts, any relation who knows and is devout.

Recently I saw a Facebook comment that attempted to explain why Muslims get the free ride. I liked it so asked for permission to use in my next blog post. Here it is (two) in their entirety.
Adao Alex tolerate the intolerant….I have always thought this was a flaw in the far left cult logic. They have a weakness for control words like “tolerance.” Those they perceive to be intolerant are to be punched in the face. And those who are truly intolerant yet wear the mantle of (ethnic people) religion are exempt and considered oppressed by the patriarchy and are therefore infallible due to victim status. hence the problem with islam and it’s violent commandments and nature.

Adao Alex James Nelson I don’t mind, thanks. I think the point I tried to make is that the leftist cult sees islam as brown people, arab related, and therefore oppressed by the white patriarchy etc according to intersectionality in identity politics, they have oppression tokens. Muslims are seemingly always arabs or not “white” and also religious and therefore supposedly persecuted. Also islam is so misunderstood that leftists usually assume it’s correct in it’s teachings and simply “different.” They have this thing about all too quickly accepting things, which they don’t understand.
The following also appeared in the comment section. The person who wrote it wishes to remain anonymous.
AMERICA WAKE UP NOW! These coffins are not designed for their conspiracy purposes! They are designed to house dead people, let me explain. For years, David Rockefeller and skull and bones, have been planning a ‘new world order’. The Georgia guide stones are the ten commandments of the NWO. Read his quotes if you don’t believe me. David Rockefeller has enough money to fund everything for his visionary image because he owns EVERYTHING from banks to politicians. Why do you think Obama has spent so much money in 1 Term then all the US presidents that ever lived combined!

Why do you think that the economy in America is increasingly worse every year. (See the you tube video, Americas Ideal Distribution) This was all PLANNED. Still don’t believe me? 9/11 was a propaganda, an ‘inside job,’ there is proof if you research ‘operation Northwoods.’ it was even signed off by all the US presidents EXCEPT for JFK. Why was it done? To create a conspiracy that Cuban was the heart of this crisis so that the military can go in there and kill everyone.

The federal reserve is OWNED by David Rockefeller in secrecy, this is why he is so corrupt, everyday the federal reserve pumps FAKE money into his ‘credit card’, also reasons why the economy is bad. JFK, had a mission of shutting it down, but it was cancelled because…wait for it, HE WAS ASSASSINATED! JFK was the only noble American president bold enough to stop this.

The NWO is a one-world and it is being planned and being built left and right. There Georgia Guidestones first commandment out of the ten is to maintain humanity under 500million, which is 1/14th of the population we have now (Assuming we have 7B people). Meaning over 6.5B people will die, and that’s where the coffins come in.

Haven’t you heard? The founder of CNN has recently donated 1B dollars for this crisis to happen! RESEARCH IT FOR YOURSELF. In the bible (Ephesians 6:12) it says an event like this occurring.

My final warning is, if you haven’t already, Soon a dot will be placed on your mail box marking you in 3 categories judging by your texts, emails and Google searches you have made, watched by the NSA. Blue dot – Take to the FEMA camps where you will be re educated for the new world order. Red dot – you know about the conspiracy and you are accused of a ‘prolonged rebel’ against the constitution, result is DEATH. Pink dot – you support the constitution and will be a good slave. All proof was taken by a recent whistle blower from the Government. (Noble people like him is what saves us from humanity’s most horrible tactics)

My friends please SHARE THE MESSEGE. Call me crazy but know this, It is the lie that is easier to believe then the hard truth. It is also the lie that imprisons you, and its the truth that frees you.
I agree with much of what is said above but not everything. I did look up “Operation Northwoods.” True, the chiefs developed it and wanted to use false flags to bring about a war with Cuba back in the early 1960s. But 9/11 as mentioned above was not part of it (9/11 was mentioned in my own research but was not part of Operation Northwoods [but it could have been.) BTW, that operation never came about because JFK would not sign off on it…hmmm…, another theory as to why he was assassinated?

JFK’s assassination is pretty well covered at the link:
This link also covers 9/11. It’s a long one but very much worthwhile to watch.

As always I will end my political post with a photo of a sunrise/sunset, maybe just the sky with clouds this time.

Birds & Bouquets 019

Photo by James W. Nelson


Islam on the March

After 1400 years why would Islam stop? She hasn’t and she won’t, until she is stopped. It’s becoming very questionable if she ever WILL be stopped. Islam either already IS entrenched (like Russia, but supposedly under control) or has immigrated/invaded to every other nation on earth, for certain every so-called “civilized” nation on earth.
No, folks, the Muslims aren’t just immigrating they are invading with every intention of taking over…the whole earth.
It’s called their hijrah. The word means “migration” or ’emigration.” That’s what one is told if looking online, but what is happening today is INVASION! To continue that description, “…the Prophet Muhammad’s migration (622 ce) from Mecca to Medina in order to escape persecution.” (The beginning of the Muslim era.)
And who was persecuting Muhammad in Mecca? A good question. I looked and looked online but it seems online Mecca history begins with Islam. Then I looked at my 1960s edition of the Britannica Encyclopedia. Same story. (Am I being told that even in the 1960s Islam was controlling publishers?) IDK, but my attention span went just so far. I could look at a video by Doctor Bill Warner, but, time is of the essence, of ALL.
The thing is (and I just discovered this in 2012) that before Islam the entire Middle East and northern Africa was Christian, Jewish, and Pagan, so, it was one of those three who ran Mecca in Muhammad’s time, and who persecuted him.

This post is not meant as a history of Muhammad, but what is going on right now TODAY, and, folks, Islam is escalating nearly beyond belief. (I’ve said it before and will say it again, “The elite new world order globalist Illuminati are behind this worldwide Muslim invasion.”) The Islamic leadership probably knows but the common Muslim people do NOT know, that they are being used as pawns, and when the dirty work is done the elite will have no more use for them.

To go on, Islam wants her worldwide caliphate. Why suddenly in the early 2000s the escalation seems to have begun I do not know. After our first Muslim president got re-elected in 2012 was when I began paying serious close attention to politics.
A bit late, I know.
Before that I was satisfied to be very “UN”political.
Will Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and, most importantly (to me, at least) America, fall? For now I will just concentrate on what’s happening in America right NOW! Here the Muslims appear to be getting most everything they want. A recent Geller post tells of a recently elected Muslima from Pennsylvania complaining about a Christian prayer in the statehouse and she blames President Trump and White Nationalism.
(Give me a break lady! You want to shut down Christian prayer–PERIOD!)
I posted that on Facebook and one could say it went viral with “dis”-likes and comments.
But, of course, my Facebook friends and followers mostly like what I post. Only rarely does a leftist troll sneak in with their leftist comments.
FYI, over 70 Muslims were elected in the 2018 election, from schoolboards, city councils, all the way to Congress (Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who have already formed their caucus which includes AOC) and let us not forget Muslim Keith Ellison elected to attorney general of what used to be the Good State of Minnesota.

The truth is way too many Americans remain not just asleep to the danger of Islam, but FAST-asleep, actually oblivious.

They still think that Muslims are the same as all other immigrant groups, that first-generation will continue speaking the old country language but the NEXT generations will fully join America…that’s how it’s ALWAYS been. Well, sorry, sleeping Americans, that’s NOT how it is with the Muslims. The Muslims assimilate just far enough to convince their American compadres (the Americans they know or work with) that they ARE assimilated/assimilating.

Never forget the meaning of taquiyya, permission direct from the Koran to lie to the infidel long as the lie moves forward the agenda of Islam, which is total takeover. In an earlier blog post I described the difference among the three groups of Muslims, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. For here I will just repeat the description of the Ugly Muslim.
No, they are NOT ugly people, they are the beautiful ones, the kind we Americans would want to associate with. They wear suits, ties, dresses, they dress like the elite they are, and they lie with the straightest of face. You will NOT know you are being lied to because you WANT to believe everything this “beautiful” person says to you.
Our schoolrooms (primary to top universities) courtrooms, boardrooms, military and law enforcement (the officers, that is, for look at the trial now going on in Minnesota, the Somali cop who murdered a White woman) entertainment (publishing and television) (Muslims are no longer allowed to be the bad guys) (finally Congress)…the list goes on and on and on.
The most beautiful Muslims lying, Lying, LYING to us!

This post could go on all day. I will end it how I always end the political posts, with the picture of one of my sunrises/sunsets.

Bryan & McKenzie 007
Photo by James W. Nelson


I first discovered this group when it came to ND about one year ago, then, like typical Americans who just want to live in peace, I went right back to sleep.
Watching a Brigitte Gabriel video the other day reawakened me.
Pretty sure I have all my opinion pieces inside parentheses.


(There’s a sinister little leftist organization sneaking around, guys, with the “grass-roots” label trying to make them sound like the good guys, which they ain’t. And if it can reach into eastern Red State North Dakota and get into the Daily News at Wahpeton (a town most people in the world have never heard of) and then reach even farther to a little farm near Wahpeton, a town with about 200 people, then you can be sure these people are EVERYWHERE.)
(I won’t name the owners of that farm. I know the guy, even called him a friend once, so I won’t try to ruin his life. For all I know he has disavowed this leftist group, but I doubt it and I’m not going to ask him.)


(That word is in America’s Pledge of Allegiance, near the end: “…one nation under God, “indivisible,”—can you believe it? That these people who not only don’t believe in God but don’t believe in America, would use that word from our cherished pledge to push THEIR  leftist-democrat/socialist/Marxist agenda.)

(Sheesh, that name even makes it sound like they care about each individual person—NOT! They are just one more leftist organization probably supported—and begun—by George Soros. They were organized in 2016 as a progressive reaction to the election of our good President Donald J. Trump, specifically to resist Trump’s “agenda.”)

(Here is their description. I wanted to get it right so I copied and pasted:)

“Indivisible is a movement of thousands of group leaders and more than a million members taking regular, i(n)terative, and increasingly complex actions to resist the GOPs agenda, elect local champions, and fight for progressive policies.”

(Lord, how they talk (“champions” to impress the locals) and write like they think they absolutely know and understand everything.)

(“Progressive policies” fancy words meaning socialism, communism, marxism.)

(They have a practical guide called the Indivisible Guide. When I looked it over I could only think of Saul Alinsky (same side different name) and his book, Rules for Radicals)

(Here are the two leading entries. Again, copied and pasted:)

1–Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen. We’re not the leaders of this movement. You are(.)

(In other words, “Tricks to get one’s way.”)

2–“It’s a textbook way to reward your followers, terrify marginalized people into submission, and ensure that a new generation of children are raised to support your regime.”
(“Submission?” Sounds Muslim to me.)
(“generation of children?” sounds a bit Hitlerish to me. QUITE a bit.)

(Other than making “America Great Again” by standing up for the American people and putting the American people not only FIRST but back in charge of their government, I didn’t know Trump had an agenda.)

(From here on I will be copying and pasting a lot, but it all comes from the Daily News, and remember, if in parentheses it’s opinion from me.)

The Regional Indivisible Gathering is made up of nonpartisan individuals who share a goal of protecting individual liberties through resistance – but a resistance built on the values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness, organizers said.
Courtesy Regional Indivisible

(“Inclusion and tolerance” sounds like words the muslims use as they are invading us.)

A gathering of grassroots groups with rural agendas will be held at ******* **** **** ** ******, North Dakota, Thursday, May 17.

The Regional Indivisible Gathering is made up of nonpartisan individuals who share a goal of protecting individual liberties through resistance – but a resistance built on the values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness, organizers said.

(“Resistance.” That’s a favorite word of radicals and anarchists.)

The group wants elected officials from all parties to stand up for progressive values – at the very least, those that secure liberties for all individuals.

(“Progressive,” in other words “liberal, leftist. democrat [the democratic party has become the party of TREASON and has gone so far to the left—next stop will be socialism, then communism.] Don’t be fooled, folks, if one votes democrat then that person is—by default—voting for the left, which, along with the elitists of the new world order, globalists, open border fanatics, and the Islamic-run UN, means wanting to take down America. That’s right: TAKE DOWN AMERICA!)

The Indivisible website explains their intent: “We don’t coordinate with any political parties – our strength is with locals who brought this movement to life for rural agendas.”

(“don’t coordinate with any political parties” Pure BS. They are leftist democrat till the cows come home. “Rural agendas” again, pure BS. I doubt they give two hoots about rural life.)

The group is concerned by issues that affect rural America including Internet access for all, privacy issues, equality in the workplace, climate, school safety, affordable healthcare and respect for all the differences among the population.

(I won’t comment too much on that paragraph because much of it pretty well states what we all care about—oh! Except 1–climate. They didn’t say climate “change” but I’m sure that’s what they meant, which if Trump hadn’t got us out of that boondoggle Paris treaty, America would have been the biggest payer of most bills. For any who don’t know, “THE CLIMATE CHANGES CONSTANTLY!”)

(And except 2–school safety—blatantly meaning more and more gun control which will lead to first Registration and then Confiscation.)

(And except 3—affordable healthcare, meaning government-run healthcare.)

(Here I deleted the name of the wife)…and a retired educator, said her involvement in Prairie Indivisible, the local Indivisible chapter, stems from her concern that the current political environment is polarizing the nation.

“As we grow further apart, our nation loses credibility as a world force even as our globe shrinks,” she said. “We are no longer a nation focused on many, but a country focused on just a few. Indivisible offers a platform for me to listen, learn and share. It offers a progressive political platform at a grassroots level that is not tied to one political party,” she said. “Instead, it focuses on the good of the whole and makes me believe I am on the right side of history.”

(Here again “not tied to one political party,” pure BS. They are hard left democrats, and they might as well admit it, but they never will, just like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Castro, and endless other tyrants never admitted what they were up to either.)

****** said she often asks herself, “When we disenfranchise any individual due to their race, religion, wealth, origin of birth, gender or sexual orientation, what do we lose? Do we lose a brilliant mind who might cure cancer? Do we lose a great discovery? Perhaps we even lose a spiritual being who can lead us forward. In today’s political climate, we are forfeiting so much and so many that we cannot afford to lose.”

(Leftists are totally pro-abortion [right up to and including birth] so that last sentence is pure BS too.) (“lead us forward” another great radical and anarchic phrase.)

**** ********* of Breckenridge, Minnesota, said she joined the Prairie Indivisible group because she was frustrated with the current political system and specifically, worried about things like gerrymandering and net neutrality.

“I was interested in finding an opportunity to work with folks across the (Minnesota-North Dakota) border on issues that impact everyone,” she said. “I like being a part of an organization working to find common ground and make a positive impact on our communities.”

The evening will be for discussion and sharing about the group’s work over the past 18 months. It will include a potluck supper, time to tour the farm and a chance to listen and share. Special guests include students from the Fargo and Moorhead schools’ March for Life movement, and Ruth Buffalo, a first-time Native American female candidate who will speak on new avenues of public service for women and minorietis. (minorities, I think they meant.)

(“March for Life” BTW goes back to the FALSE FLAG Parkland shooting in Florida. The march [like the shooting] was organized SPECIFICALLY for more gun control.)

From 4-5:30 p.m. attendees are free to explore on Thursday, May 17. A meet and greet will begin at 5:30 p.m. and a potluck dinner starts at 6 p.m. Speaker and the sharing session start at 6:30 p.m.

****** said a quote she has been reciting lately sums up activism through Prairie Indivisible, “I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to think.”

(Oh, progressives definitely want you to “think” “like” “them,” and use only THEIR talking points—Give me a break, you obvious liars!)

The Regional Indivisible Gathering is made up of nonpartisan individuals who share a goal of protecting individual liberties through resistance – but a resistance built on the values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness, organizers said.

(“Resistance.” If that isn’t a Saul Alinsky radical word I’ve never seen one.)

The group wants elected officials from all parties to stand up for progressive values – at the very least, those that secure liberties for all individuals.

(Here they use “progressive values” again but claim no political party, well “progressive values” is absolutely democrat and leftist, so these people are lying, lying, lying!)

The Indivisible website explains their intent: “We don’t coordinate with any political parties – our strength is with locals who brought this movement to life for rural agendas.”

(Other than pointing out that these “Indivisible” people are lying to innocent local people who truly DO want goodness and warm hugs in their lives, there is no point for me to sum up what these people say, but please read my comments inside the parentheses.

As always with political posts, what better way to end then with one of my own photos?
Early DEC 2013 003

Thank you, James W. Nelson, Conservative Patriot.)

New World Order Rising, Book 4

Book 3 moves quickly into Book 4. The militia has experienced its first unplanned retreat after the overwhelming surprise attack by the UN. The UN does not have good soldiers but they have the numbers. Militia leader Carter Banks is killed. Young Jocelyn is nearly beside herself in grief for her adopted grandpa. She adopts a wounded German Shepherd dog and because of that has her first fight with her new boyfriend, Todd, who gave her first kiss at the mass wedding that same day.
All that happens in the first scene. Later, because her adopted mother, Chantal, is very pregnant, Jocelyn will receive leadership of the militia, and gives her first orders.

Charlie Tucker, owner of a neighboring farmstead but mostly unknown to the militia, from a distance sees his property taken over by a mass of Muslim soldiers driving pickup trucks just like they did in the Middle East during ISIS, plus a vehicle loaded with young women, including a doctor-teacher and two young girls. He leaves his home and approaches the militia for help. Barely rested from their previous battle, they agree and attack the farmstead that night. At the end young Dodie becomes the adopted mother of Bessie, 7, and Delight, 9.

Charlie Tucker’s niece, her husband, and baby, escaping from Illinois, are introduced. This family is followed off and on as they travel and run only at night without lights across Occupied Eastern America to get to the 5-state coalition of Free America.

The very next morning the militia will surprise-assault and beat the sleepy UN which has spent the night right there at the earlier battle site. Genevieve (introduced in book 1) is killed. Jocelyn loses another close friend. Ten years earlier Genevieve held little 7-year-old Jocelyn on her lap all during the trip from New Mexico back to North Dakota.

Available at Amazon, $2.99, digital, $15.00, paperback. Click on the cover right here for a free 5-chapter read.

The Grand Forks Airbase, a little too close to the state line with Minnesota fell early, plus the American military had orders from the Shadow Government NOT to help the citizen militias. The planes and most of the airmen had left early and moved west. But word got out that at least 200 airmen were still prisoners on the base, which the Illuminati leadership is now using as their Command Headquarters.
So just four days have passed before Jocelyn’s militia has to go north into battle yet again, but this time with several neighboring militias assisting. The night rescue itself is successful, but the militias have to leave the large UN force and large number of super soldiers basically unscathed. But that’s how it is. The militias have basic weapons whereas the Illuminati has a well-equipped army…even though they don’t have the best fighting men.

While the militia is gone what remains of the Muslim force assaults the farm. Dodie is there and a skeleton crew of militia. Eleven is killed. Dodie loses her man even before they truly got together. This sixteen-year-old warrior child–who has gotten quite proficient with her trusty knife–gets her kill #11.

All books in the series have a list of characters at the end, a list of other books by the author, descriptions, biographical and contact information.
This book and all books in the series is fiction, but based on what is happening in our good America today and much of the world. As a reminder, 2012, when our “first” Muslim president was re-elected, is when I began Book 1, which has became a 6-book series.
Book 6 ends the series but does NOT end the war. However, Book 6 DOES offer hope. But know, folks, if a war like this ever happens it could go on long past 10 years.

The hundred years war between England and France, 1337-1453, actually lasted 116 years, but with breaks. Was anything ever decided between the combatants? Doubtful. I haven’t done research on that war, but I suspect the mostly-peasant fighters just quit fighting.