Islam on the March

After 1400 years why would Islam stop? She hasn’t and she won’t, until she is stopped. It’s becoming very questionable if she ever WILL be stopped. Islam either already IS entrenched (like Russia, but supposedly under control) or has immigrated/invaded to every other nation on earth, for certain every so-called “civilized” nation on earth.
No, folks, the Muslims aren’t just immigrating they are invading with every intention of taking over…the whole earth.
It’s called their hijrah. The word means “migration” or ’emigration.” That’s what one is told if looking online, but what is happening today is INVASION! To continue that description, “…the Prophet Muhammad’s migration (622 ce) from Mecca to Medina in order to escape persecution.” (The beginning of the Muslim era.)
And who was persecuting Muhammad in Mecca? A good question. I looked and looked online but it seems online Mecca history begins with Islam. Then I looked at my 1960s edition of the Britannica Encyclopedia. Same story. (Am I being told that even in the 1960s Islam was controlling publishers?) IDK, but my attention span went just so far. I could look at a video by Doctor Bill Warner, but, time is of the essence, of ALL.
The thing is (and I just discovered this in 2012) that before Islam the entire Middle East and northern Africa was Christian, Jewish, and Pagan, so, it was one of those three who ran Mecca in Muhammad’s time, and who persecuted him.

This post is not meant as a history of Muhammad, but what is going on right now TODAY, and, folks, Islam is escalating nearly beyond belief. (I’ve said it before and will say it again, “The elite new world order globalist Illuminati are behind this worldwide Muslim invasion.”) The Islamic leadership probably knows but the common Muslim people do NOT know, that they are being used as pawns, and when the dirty work is done the elite will have no more use for them.

To go on, Islam wants her worldwide caliphate. Why suddenly in the early 2000s the escalation seems to have begun I do not know. After our first Muslim president got re-elected in 2012 was when I began paying serious close attention to politics.
A bit late, I know.
Before that I was satisfied to be very “UN”political.
Will Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and, most importantly (to me, at least) America, fall? For now I will just concentrate on what’s happening in America right NOW! Here the Muslims appear to be getting most everything they want. A recent Geller post tells of a recently elected Muslima from Pennsylvania complaining about a Christian prayer in the statehouse and she blames President Trump and White Nationalism.
(Give me a break lady! You want to shut down Christian prayer–PERIOD!)
I posted that on Facebook and one could say it went viral with “dis”-likes and comments.
But, of course, my Facebook friends and followers mostly like what I post. Only rarely does a leftist troll sneak in with their leftist comments.
FYI, over 70 Muslims were elected in the 2018 election, from schoolboards, city councils, all the way to Congress (Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who have already formed their caucus which includes AOC) and let us not forget Muslim Keith Ellison elected to attorney general of what used to be the Good State of Minnesota.

The truth is way too many Americans remain not just asleep to the danger of Islam, but FAST-asleep, actually oblivious.

They still think that Muslims are the same as all other immigrant groups, that first-generation will continue speaking the old country language but the NEXT generations will fully join America…that’s how it’s ALWAYS been. Well, sorry, sleeping Americans, that’s NOT how it is with the Muslims. The Muslims assimilate just far enough to convince their American compadres (the Americans they know or work with) that they ARE assimilated/assimilating.

Never forget the meaning of taquiyya, permission direct from the Koran to lie to the infidel long as the lie moves forward the agenda of Islam, which is total takeover. In an earlier blog post I described the difference among the three groups of Muslims, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. For here I will just repeat the description of the Ugly Muslim.
No, they are NOT ugly people, they are the beautiful ones, the kind we Americans would want to associate with. They wear suits, ties, dresses, they dress like the elite they are, and they lie with the straightest of face. You will NOT know you are being lied to because you WANT to believe everything this “beautiful” person says to you.
Our schoolrooms (primary to top universities) courtrooms, boardrooms, military and law enforcement (the officers, that is, for look at the trial now going on in Minnesota, the Somali cop who murdered a White woman) entertainment (publishing and television) (Muslims are no longer allowed to be the bad guys) (finally Congress)…the list goes on and on and on.
The most beautiful Muslims lying, Lying, LYING to us!

This post could go on all day. I will end it how I always end the political posts, with the picture of one of my sunrises/sunsets.

Bryan & McKenzie 007
Photo by James W. Nelson

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