Why do Muslims Get the Free Ride?

I’ve been asking that question for years. Hispanics don’t expect a free ride. Blacks don’t expect it. No other group of people (immigrants) expect it. Oh, of course there are always unhappy “individuals” who will want everything under the sun—but as a group, nobody expects a free ride but the Muslims. They want this and they want that, and they GET almost everything they demand.

(I could have said “ask for” instead of “demand” but that’s what the Muslims do, they DEMAND!)

They demand prayer rooms and rugs at work and extra time off FIVE times a day for their prayers, and I have to wonder, “What the hell do they say during those prayers? And do they say the same thing day after day?” An EX-Muslim-turned-atheist told me that the common Muslim people mostly do NOT understand Islam, for certain NOT the Koran, and just do what they are told. They demand halal food in schools and prisons. (I read where a Burger King affiliate in France began offering Halal food—that’s when I quit Burger King [even if they don’t do it here] and now go to McDonalds only (and don’t think WE aren’t being force-fed halal food in packages NOT marked halal. They demand special beaches and swimming pools so they don’t have to be made to feel “Uncomfortable” around nearly nude other swimmers—I could go on and on.

Common Core I don’t really understand too much except that the Saudis paid schools to teach it, and then slipped in demands about including Islamic teachings (no other religions, though.) (Of course most of us know that Islam is NOT a religion, but that’s a matter for another post.)

Again, I could go on and on, but won’t, this time.

People who follow my blogs and Facebook page might think that I hate Muslims. I do NOT. But I DO hate the Islamic leadership that keeps their common Muslim people in ideological slavery. I believe the Islamic leadership KNOWS that Mohammed, Allah, and Islam itself are all pure BS, but they have the common Muslim people believing certain things and they want that to continue. How would they ever get their worldwide caliphate if they lost belief from the common Muslims? Here is a couple things the leadership has the people believing: for instance leaving Islam is apostasy punishable by death and the necessity of honor killing especially daughters and wives who get too Westernized. Young women want to get married outside the religion, they plain want to live their life.

For that they get killed (murdered, actually) usually by their father or brother(s) and sometimes their mother, aunts, any relation who knows and is devout.

Recently I saw a Facebook comment that attempted to explain why Muslims get the free ride. I liked it so asked for permission to use in my next blog post. Here it is (two) in their entirety.
Adao Alex tolerate the intolerant….I have always thought this was a flaw in the far left cult logic. They have a weakness for control words like “tolerance.” Those they perceive to be intolerant are to be punched in the face. And those who are truly intolerant yet wear the mantle of (ethnic people) religion are exempt and considered oppressed by the patriarchy and are therefore infallible due to victim status. hence the problem with islam and it’s violent commandments and nature.

Adao Alex James Nelson I don’t mind, thanks. I think the point I tried to make is that the leftist cult sees islam as brown people, arab related, and therefore oppressed by the white patriarchy etc according to intersectionality in identity politics, they have oppression tokens. Muslims are seemingly always arabs or not “white” and also religious and therefore supposedly persecuted. Also islam is so misunderstood that leftists usually assume it’s correct in it’s teachings and simply “different.” They have this thing about all too quickly accepting things, which they don’t understand.
The following also appeared in the comment section. The person who wrote it wishes to remain anonymous.
AMERICA WAKE UP NOW! These coffins are not designed for their conspiracy purposes! They are designed to house dead people, let me explain. For years, David Rockefeller and skull and bones, have been planning a ‘new world order’. The Georgia guide stones are the ten commandments of the NWO. Read his quotes if you don’t believe me. David Rockefeller has enough money to fund everything for his visionary image because he owns EVERYTHING from banks to politicians. Why do you think Obama has spent so much money in 1 Term then all the US presidents that ever lived combined!

Why do you think that the economy in America is increasingly worse every year. (See the you tube video, Americas Ideal Distribution) This was all PLANNED. Still don’t believe me? 9/11 was a propaganda, an ‘inside job,’ there is proof if you research ‘operation Northwoods.’ it was even signed off by all the US presidents EXCEPT for JFK. Why was it done? To create a conspiracy that Cuban was the heart of this crisis so that the military can go in there and kill everyone.

The federal reserve is OWNED by David Rockefeller in secrecy, this is why he is so corrupt, everyday the federal reserve pumps FAKE money into his ‘credit card’, also reasons why the economy is bad. JFK, had a mission of shutting it down, but it was cancelled because…wait for it, HE WAS ASSASSINATED! JFK was the only noble American president bold enough to stop this.

The NWO is a one-world and it is being planned and being built left and right. There Georgia Guidestones first commandment out of the ten is to maintain humanity under 500million, which is 1/14th of the population we have now (Assuming we have 7B people). Meaning over 6.5B people will die, and that’s where the coffins come in.

Haven’t you heard? The founder of CNN has recently donated 1B dollars for this crisis to happen! RESEARCH IT FOR YOURSELF. In the bible (Ephesians 6:12) it says an event like this occurring.

My final warning is, if you haven’t already, Soon a dot will be placed on your mail box marking you in 3 categories judging by your texts, emails and Google searches you have made, watched by the NSA. Blue dot – Take to the FEMA camps where you will be re educated for the new world order. Red dot – you know about the conspiracy and you are accused of a ‘prolonged rebel’ against the constitution, result is DEATH. Pink dot – you support the constitution and will be a good slave. All proof was taken by a recent whistle blower from the Government. (Noble people like him is what saves us from humanity’s most horrible tactics)

My friends please SHARE THE MESSEGE. Call me crazy but know this, It is the lie that is easier to believe then the hard truth. It is also the lie that imprisons you, and its the truth that frees you.
I agree with much of what is said above but not everything. I did look up “Operation Northwoods.” True, the chiefs developed it and wanted to use false flags to bring about a war with Cuba back in the early 1960s. But 9/11 as mentioned above was not part of it (9/11 was mentioned in my own research but was not part of Operation Northwoods [but it could have been.) BTW, that operation never came about because JFK would not sign off on it…hmmm…, another theory as to why he was assassinated?

JFK’s assassination is pretty well covered at the link:
This link also covers 9/11. It’s a long one but very much worthwhile to watch.

As always I will end my political post with a photo of a sunrise/sunset, maybe just the sky with clouds this time.

Birds & Bouquets 019

Photo by James W. Nelson


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