The Left is Getting Desperate

The mass shooting in New Zealand has fallen right into the open hands of the Left and their Islamic allies. Conspiracy theories and facts are already abounding about WHAT, exactly, happened–and WTH, exactly, DID, happen? The video that ran for several minutes on Facebook is claimed to be fake. The original shooter (supposedly an Australian) is now claimed to be Serbian and he shot nothing but “dummies.” The number of REAL shooters are up to 4-5, and claimed to be military from another country.
At this point it’s not necessary we bloggers “know” exactly what happened.
Here it is meant as an opening for this post, which is NOT about New Zealand.

It’s about my next novel which I’m writing right now (tentative title “FEMA.”) Cracked 20,000 words last night. Just 30,000 to go and maybe a dozen editings before publishing.


The left regained power in 2024. Civil War did NOT happen, but–for the first time in America’s history–there was no peaceful transfer of power (but the people were NOT told.) The civilian army created by the first Muslim president back in 2008 to 2016 was turned loose throughout the country at the same time, midnight, January 25, 2025, just hours before the new leftist president was inaugurated. Doors were kicked in and millions and millions of guns were confiscated.

Quite quickly and quite easily. Sure, a few thousand patriots somehow got the word what was happening and escaped, with only what they could carry, their family in tow, and their guns and ammunition.

Later that spring, Martina Louise Evens, 34, Grand Vista, Nebraska (fictional name) (main point-of-view character) had heard about the confiscation, but, she wasn’t a gun enthusiast so the news didn’t mean much to her. She also wasn’t very political, but she did look at Facebook. She had a few local Facebook friends who gushed about their families and their latest diets, and one non-friend whose political posts for some reason came to her page. She always read them but never “liked” and never commented. The guy (if it was a guy) had only a silhouette for a profile picture and very likely a fake name.
She also knew about the many Muslims in the country, but everybody said they were just normal people like all the other immigrants who had ever come to America, and she didn’t know any personally, so didn’t pay much attention to the worldwide Muslim immigration either, that some people called the worldwide Muslim invasion, which to her sounded a bit racist. (She of course didn’t know that Muslims are not a race.)

Martina had no clue what was coming that morning. She had her office job to go to, was dressed, just finishing eating breakfast when the doorbell sounded. Upon opening the door she saw two darker men in uniform. They required her to come with them right then. She wasn’t allowed to get her purse, or even lock her door.

Please think about that for a second or two. What would you do? Ask questions? Plain refuse? Try to fight? Even run? Or just go blindly along…probably the safest.

Many changes had taken place in Martina’s America while she was sleeping. Many young Americans–men and women, both–were being taken, but the majority of Americans were going about their business as if nothing was wrong, and, according to them, nothing WAS.

Yes, this very bad event could happen almost overnight.

The newest happening I’ve seen in contemporary America is a group called the “JusticeDemocrats.” They recruited Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by placing an ad for actors, and ran her against a 20-year representative and beat him, therefore placing her–a totally unqualified person–into the House of Representatives. Not just her. They placed 6 or 7 others too, and in 2020 they want to place a hundred, maybe two hundred–eventually they want to replace the whole Congress with their like-thinking people.
In other words they want to RUN America. With their tactics they just might do it.
Look it up. They are all over the internet.

I consider the JusticeDemocrats to be the MOST dangerous entity to ever darken our good country, and you can be sure they are ALL socialist wannabe communists.

In other words, THE END OF AMERICA.

An equal threat is this article headline from the Geller Report, March 26, 2019, “GLOBAL SHARIA: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) demands UN to tackle Islamophobia, declare it a form of racism”
A demand from the 56 countries of Islam (plus the Palestinians.)
So you “the reader” knows and understands, Islamophobia is a fake word. Period.

Again, what better way to end this post but another of my own photos of a sunrise?

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