FEMA…the future of America?

Imagine expecting the next day to be like every OTHER day. But something bad has happened. You’ve heard about it, but mostly it’s affecting other people, like gun owners. You don’t own a gun. You’ve never fired or even held one, so, when the confiscation happened you felt bad but it simply didn’t apply to you. You’re NOT political and you’ve never heard about politics paying attention to “you.”
Sure, you’ve heard about bad things happening in the country, and the world, but it doesn’t happen right here. Right? And anyway, they always fix things so nothing really bad ever happens…right? There’s that generic ‘they’, but has anyone ever figured out who exactly ‘they’ is?
So, every night you go to bed and don’t worry cause everything is alright.
The next morning you rise, prepare breakfast, get ready for work and expect this day to be like every other day. But it’s not. Something changed last night.
You are met at the door by men in non-American uniforms. You get pushed into a windowless van with no explanation except to do what you are told.
What the hell is happening?
Three Point Of View (POV) characters carry this, my newest novel. $2.99 digital
FEMA  America, the Great Country That Was
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Martina Louise Evans, 34, just wants to live a normal life in the new America. ‘YourLife’ is a social media site she follows, expressly to see the political posts of ‘Christopher Robin’, a silhouette for a profile picture and likely a fake name.
‘Christopher Robin’, 40s, in the new America he hides behind a fake identity. With foresight he helped establish a militia hideout/presence in central Montana. After the clever gun confiscation he leaves his computer programming job, shuts down his site, and heads for the hideout.
Danek Othman, 50s, is a new world order officer from the German Illuminati in charge of ‘Operation America’.
These three people collide as Othman uses Martina to take down ‘Christopher Robin’ and begin eliminating the threat to the new world order by American militias.
FEMA Book Front Cover 1 v8
Martina was ready for work that Monday morning, and, as usual, was ready with fifteen minutes to spare. She had a couple bites of toast left and a good sip of cranberry/raspberry juice, but nothing she couldn’t handle while computing. So, like every other day she opened her laptop in her bedroom and brought up ‘YourLife’, the social network for almost everybody. There, nearly every day, the very first thing, a fresh post waited from ‘Christopher Robin’.
Who is that guy? So mysterious. So—evidently—intelligent. And dreamy? She wondered about that too, every time she saw the profile picture of just a silhouette. So who are you, Christopher Robin? Are you a handsome and kind man, an uggo? Are you a monster? Are you even a man?—please don’t be a woman!
The doorbell.
Who on earth? Nobody ever came to her door this early in the day, and her few friends in Grand Vista knew she worked—a salesperson? Somebody pushing a petition? She began to feel a bit irritated, that some stranger would feel free to bother her.
She ignored it, then giggled a little under her breath, talking to that guy as if he’s real—but of course he’s real! He’s something, she just didn’t know what.

Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html

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