America Divorcing America

There are two links in this post that Americans need to see, ALL Americans, not just conservatives, because the information in these two links can/will affect all of us.
This deserves investigation by the best of us. I’m not on board yet but I DO agree with the info in the first link.
I’d recommend reading the first article link now so that this 2-point question and comment will make better sense:
1–What do we do with the leftists in our sensible states? (In order for them to stay they would absolutely HAVE to be vetted.)
2–If we think we have an illegal immigration problem now we would double and triple it with “sensible” people wanting to leave their leftist states–and they too would absolutely HAVE to be vetted. and PASS that vetting–NO MORE LEFTIST IDEOLOGY!
3–What to do with the Muslims? Just by their presence they have helped intensify the spread of leftist ideology. They too cannot stay, because, again, by their very presence, leftist ideology will arise. As for the Muslims, please know that,  “There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.” Quote from  (Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of once-secular Turkey.) “Islam is Islam.”
Yes, many Muslims have lived in America their entire lives, maybe even are friends and neighbors of yours, but as long as they call themselves Muslims they are required to follow their leadership’s agenda. And that is takeover all nations and create an Islamic caliphate worldwide.
Never forget the meaning of the word “taquiyya” which is permission direct from the Koran to lie to the infidel (Us) if it furthers the Islamic agenda.
Then there’s the OTHER option: Civil war.
This post and cooler heads hopefully will help to prevent that but I doubt cooler heads on the left will ever arise. A good example is the recent “discussion” between our good president, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Good numbers of people on the right are getting quite sick of the arrogance, etc., from the left. Look no further than the upwards of 10+ democrats lining up to run for president in 2020.
(OK, I know there are a few blockheads on the right too, but not nearly as many.)

Here’s the post that inspired THIS post. It’s well worth reading.

The very next day (2-24-2019) THIS post appeared, also well worth reading.

ELITIST MENTALITY: HBO’s Bill Maher Slams Middle America As Less ‘Affluent And Educated’, As He And Dems Show Their Hate For America’s Middle Class And Poor

An update to what I posted yesterday about America splitting up (the elitists want the split too) but with THESE people, the elitists, I’d rather go with the OTHER option. This second link is a straight up warning from America’s elite, basically what the elite think of us who live in the Red states, the so-called flyover part of our country.
OK, so the main character here is Bill Maher, but I ask you, what the hell does HE know about anything? Yet he has a following. I too used to enjoy his humor–I use to enjoy the humor of several! I also used to enjoy the acting of favorite actors and actresses, until they started giving us their boneheaded opinions in politics.
And finally I realized what it was that caused me to like those people: they were just “acting.” There was and is NOTHING special about them just because they have been “taught” how to act and how to think. They are perfect candidates for 1984, Agenda 21, the new world order, take your pick. They (and thousands of other so-called elitists) all think they’ll be able to keep their gated homes. They are dreaming. Only the truly elite will get the gated homes and communities.

As a last word, I see no hope of cool heads prevailing.


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