Taking Down America

Not long ago—and I’m talking months, not years—the new world order was still in the deep realm of conspiracy theory, but not anymore. Why is that? Why is what used to be conspiracy theory now common talk by common folks? Because the changes happening around our good country—escalating everywhere—are changes nearly everybody can see. Of course there are those who see but refuse to believe that the 1950s are no longer with us.

Maybe that winsome time period never really happened anyway.

As an example, from the Geller Report, February 17, 2019:

“Third World jihad savages embedded in America, and now, through stealth jihad, they are bringing their hatred and bigotry into the hallowed halls of Congress. I wonder: if there had been Nazi/German-American Bund members of Congress during World War II, would the Democrats have lauded and rewarded them with coveted committee positions?”

Two little Muslima media darlings, one from Michigan, one from Minnesota.

The one from Michigan is suspected of lying about her residence so she could get a better district to represent, and the one from Minnesota is suspected of marrying her brother to help him immigrate to the US (Snopes of course says, “unproven.”)

So will either of these darlings pay for their infraction? Not likely because the Muslims for some unknown reason are getting a free ride. They can get away with just about anything, even murder, because mental problems are often blamed. “Mental” is correct. Anyone who looks into the history of Islam will concur: “mental” IS the problem.

Then there’s the brand new Muslim attorney general of Minnesota. The man has an English name and three of his children have not only English names but Biblical, so very likely few White Minnesotans would believe he was anything but regular American. I even wrote to a childhood girl friend who moved to Minnesota, and told her he was Muslim. She said she was “torn.” What exactly THAT meant I don’t know. Haven’t heard from her since that transgressing moment.

But that is the Islamic plan and goal, folks, to take over America by one little unimportant event at a time. Not saying becoming attorney general of a state is a “little” event. No. It’s a big event.

As for our two media darlings, they not only hate Israel and want to impeach our good President Donald J. Trump but they also want to begin changing the rules, for instance they want Islamic holidays added to our American holidays. The hidden truth of course is to end our beloved holidays, anything to do with religion, especially (no more Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day) and for certain no more Fourth of July, and very likely NO MORE BIKINIS! (How Muslim women can swim inside a sack is beyond my imagination.)

But I digress, this post began about the new world order. It still is, folks, it’s just that the new world order people (the globalists) want the Muslims to do the harder work–in other words to serve as expendable pawns–which is to bring America down–right to her knees, and then they (the Muslims) will become unnecessary. Pretty sure the Islamic leadership knows this but they don’t care about the common Muslim people. You see, the Islamic leadership (the UGLY Muslims–see below) expects to get the gated communities also, and, some probably will.

But the common Muslim people will get nothing but an early demise.

(Look up the Kalergi Plan, which is going on RIGHT NOW full speed in Western and Scandinavian Europe.)

For today’s lesson on Islam, please know that there are three classes of Muslim people. This information comes from an X-Muslim, so disgusted with the fake religion that he went all the way to atheism, so I trust his words, even though his words are likely opinion, same as many of mine.

So, the three classes of Muslims, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

The GOOD Muslims are (ISIS, al-Shabob, the Taliban, etc.) That’s right, the terrorist groups are the good ones for they are doing exactly what Mohammed told them to do–kill the unbelievers!

The BAD Muslims aren’t “bad” people. They are the common people, they pray several times a day, read the Quran (much they don’t understand) go to their mosque, listen to the imans or moolahs just as Christians go to church and listen to the pastors and priests.

The UGLY Muslims are–as Understanding the Threat (UTT) calls them–the suit and skirt-wearing jihadis, those who can lie with the straightest of face (the practice of taquiyya, permission direct from the Koran to lie to the infidel if it furthers the goals of Islam.)
The UGLY Muslims are the most dangerous of the three, and know that the MSAs (Muslim Student Associations) are filled with UGLY Muslims and in likely every college/university (and many high schools) and are having a helluva influence on our children.

This is NOT funny, folks, Islam is escalating across the world and right here in America.

Enough for this time, but, do we really want these things–these mosques (3000 in America)(which are nothing like Christian churches)–taking over the skylines of our cities?


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