My Review of FATWA “Hunted in America” by Pamela Geller

Review: Fatwa Hunted in America

Pamela Geller begins by describing her carefree life in New York City before 9/11. She never considered the possibility of losing her freedom in such a wonderful country as America…”No country was better to its Jews.”
(I had the same feelings of freedom but it took me many more years to truly awaken.)
For Pamela it pretty much changed overnight.
In her first chapter she speaks about her early life—”I loved Brooklyn. I would sneak out, take the car and go to jazz clubs and discos…late at night,”—but she soon started a website “Atlas Shrugs” (later became the Geller Report) and so began the ugly, vile, attacks from the left.
So quickly.
Chapter 3 talks about the Muslim girls who just wanted the freedom to do what they wanted. Heartbreaking to read…”honor killed” by their family, their father, their brother. Aqsa Parves was murdered for refusing to wear the hijab. When Aqsa continued to refuse, her father and brother decided to kill her. The brother asked an American friend to get him a gun.
The friend didn’t, so Aqsa’s brother simply strangled her.
Aqsa’s entire story is told, and there are other named American Muslim girl victims.
Every year thousands of women and girls are honor-killed, most by Muslims.
Chapter 4 talks of the Ground Zero mosque. Imagine, a 16-story monstrosity going up at Ground Zero. The reason: the presence of a mosque asserts a triumphal victory. There are thousands of “triumphal” mosques all over the Islamic world. Pamela led the charge that stopped the Ground Zero mosque. “President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, legions of craven politicians and a sharia-compliant, jackbooted media,” were very upset.
Chapter 5 examines our meat supply. For years Butterball served halal turkey until 2012 when Pamela brought it to national attention.
It gets worse.
Meat and poultry are being slaughtered under halah rules but only a small portion is labeled “halal,” meaning we likely unknowingly are bowing to Islam.
Much of Pamela’s book is related to her ad-wars. Whenever Jew-hatred, Islamophobia, honor killing, or other hate-filled ads would appear on the sides of buses or billboards, she would develop a rebuttal ad, but the odds were against her. Rather than publish hers the media would simply change the rules, like “no more political ads.” Many times she fought these “people” in court and often won to get her ad published.
But if the rules were changed then the jihadis didn’t get their ad either.
In Chapter 6 (about halfway through) she describes her visits with Zuhdi Jasser (a suit-wearing jihadi if I ever saw one.) The man is a professional doctor, specializing internal medicine. Is he a “moderate?” In my mind (like the leader of Turkey) no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. I think Zuhdi Jasser is the type who will lie and lie with a straight face in order to further the goal of Islam.
(To moderate a bit, I do feel sorry for the Muslim people. To leave Islam they face apostasy [death] so it’s easier for them to do what their leadership tells them and stay with Islam, meaning a billion and a half people are living in 7th Century ideological slavery.)
It seems 9/11 was not the beginning but just another step in the silent takedown of America. It started in the 1960s “…with the success of the violent Berkley student rebellion in 1964…” The left began stepping in and taking over. (I didn’t notice. I was naive, busy in the navy, with no thought of rebelling against the American leftist powers-that-be.)
Ross, North Dakota (my state) 1929, saw the first mosque built in nearly the center of North America. Was that the plan right then, a good place to spread the Islamic tentacles? The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928; the first Bro-hood organization was the MSAs (Muslim Student Associations) founded in the early 1960s. The first MSA appeared at the U of Illinois and spread quickly through American colleges (highschools too) which produced professionals ready to step into all American culture from academia to politics, education, religion, and on and on.
Way before 9/11 very likely the Bro-hood worked with the hijackers and had a plan to control the narrative right from the start, like when President Bush nearly immediately referred to Islam as a “…religion of peace.”
What rings and rings and rings in Pamela’s book—to me, at least—is, don’t offend or anger Muslims because innocent people could get hurt (and DO, regularly) just stay quiet and you’ll be okay—what BS!
Often/usually the media (what Pamela refers to as the enemedia and their lapdogs) not only doesn’t tell the whole story, sometimes outright lies, and gives voice to pro-sharia and pro-jihad and to hell with the victim. Sometimes her descriptions make me bust right out laughing, like referring to the New York Daily News as “deranged” “left wing.” I especially like “deranged.”
To end this review I will quote Pamela:
“This is ultimately not about me; it is about whether America will stand for freedom or surrender.
“I don’t want to die, but I will not live as a slave.”
Pamela Geller, live forever.

Something Wicked this Way Comes

(OK, I borrowed that title from a 1983 Horror movie by Ray Bradbury)

It’s been said that Americans will never give up their Constitution.
That’s commendable, but our American leftist non-brothers want it replaced with sharia.

Why are the Muslims emigrating to all other nations if they didn’t have a plan? That’s because they DO have a plan. I just got confirmation, thanks to an email friend who sends stuff regularly, Tonight it was “What is Hijrah?”

Hijrah is when large scale mass migrations become invasions, which is exactly what’s happening right freaking now, to Europe, Australia, Canada, America, the so-called civilized places that didn’t yet have a ton of Muslims.

The next paragraph is copied verbatim: (Bold is mine.)

Hijrah is jihad by emigration. It means moving to a new land in order to bring Islam there and is considered in Islam to be a holy and revered action. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance, and whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah.” Surah 4:100.  “So, if a Muslim dies in the process of emigrating to another country, that’s essentially the same as being a suicide bomber, his reward is automatic.”


Sometimes our modern high-tech world does seem a bit freaked up. Maybe the Muslims are right—to a point—and after they kill a few million of us and get their worldwide caliphate installed under sharia law, well, maybe then the world will be better.
How can I say such BS words?

I’ll list a few reasons.
Too many of us have become weak and dependent. Our food is all raised somewhere else. Sure, some of us have piddling little survival gardens, and some of us even can and dry and freeze enough produce to last till the next growing season.But that’s a very, very, few.

High tech electronics is taking over all communications. People are dumping their land phones as if they are on fire. Kids (and plenty so-called adults) walk with their noses stuck in their smart phones (they even sleep with their phone and often wake up to check–kids and adults both! Believe it or not!) Televisions, laptops, phones can now listen to you—and tell who knows what to who knows who?—and those gadgets can even see and listen to you when they’re turned off. Your new refrigerator knows when you open the door and what you remove. Cars that can drive themselves? Come on…! Your electrical power source?—I don’t even want to go there.

Most everything we use is manufactured not only somewhere else but in a foreign country (we no longer can even pound a nail straight!) We buy much of our oil from countries who hate us and use that money to send their invaders to destroy us from within. Gas lines. The 80s were bad, but nothing compared to what’s coming if we don’t break this oil-guzzling habit. With President Trump in charge things may begin to change…but don’t hold your breath. The left likely wants us to stay hooked to the Islamic oil cartels forever.
(Bit there is good news. Sometime ago it was announced that America was now producing more and more oil. Will that get us off the Islamic teat? Damn good question!)

Our Mainstream Media: 35 years ago 90% was run by 50 different companies. Today it’s run by just SIX all-powerful CEOs. They tell their underling flunkies what news to deliver to the sheeple and how they should describe it: opinion, not facts…right, folks, our MSM has one job, to brainwash the people on whatever those SIX CEOs want.

1984 is 35 years late but it’s here (and coming) in all its darkness and anti-glory.

We are truly becoming a globalist society, which is just what the globalists/elitests/leftists/liberals/progressives/open-border-fanatics/Illuminati, the new world order people, ETCETERA, want. The more we depend on somebody else for our needs, the easier to control us and, yes, eventually, enslave us.

That’s what the Islamic-run UN’s Agenda 21 was all about, and now it’s Agenda 2030, with 17 main goals, #1, ending poverty, #2, ending hunger, #10, reduce inequality, #13, climate change, and #16, justice for all.

And, of course, somewhere in that jumble of BS is the end of America’s Second Amendment, which the Islamic-run UN is pushing us right now to sign on with their Arms Trade Treaty! In fact I think our outgoing Muslim administration all ready signed (President Trump, I believe, ended that.)
Give me a FREAKING break!
The Constitution supersedes international treaties. Period!


As a last word on Islam, I believe the globalists are using the Muslim people not to take over the world but simply to get rid of a ton of infidels. I mean, the Illuminati plan is to eliminate 85% of the world’s population, leaving just enough human slaves to care for the elite in their gated communities. What better and more efficient way to get rid of a bunch of people then to turn loose the bloodthirsty Islamic rabble?

Okay, one more last word: religion, our Christian faith.
People not only have forgotten but are continuing to forget…gangbusters…the word “God” has been removed from our schools, government offices, pledges, oaths, and Muslims are allowed to swear on a Koran–NOT a Bible, which, to me, negates their oath.
But, hell, what the hell do I know?

As always, a sunrise or sunset photo to close. Tonight a sunset.
Siding the House 017


America Divorcing America

There are two links in this post that Americans need to see, ALL Americans, not just conservatives, because the information in these two links can/will affect all of us.
This deserves investigation by the best of us. I’m not on board yet but I DO agree with the info in the first link.
I’d recommend reading the first article link now so that this 2-point question and comment will make better sense:
1–What do we do with the leftists in our sensible states? (In order for them to stay they would absolutely HAVE to be vetted.)
2–If we think we have an illegal immigration problem now we would double and triple it with “sensible” people wanting to leave their leftist states–and they too would absolutely HAVE to be vetted. and PASS that vetting–NO MORE LEFTIST IDEOLOGY!
3–What to do with the Muslims? Just by their presence they have helped intensify the spread of leftist ideology. They too cannot stay, because, again, by their very presence, leftist ideology will arise. As for the Muslims, please know that,  “There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.” Quote from  (Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of once-secular Turkey.) “Islam is Islam.”
Yes, many Muslims have lived in America their entire lives, maybe even are friends and neighbors of yours, but as long as they call themselves Muslims they are required to follow their leadership’s agenda. And that is takeover all nations and create an Islamic caliphate worldwide.
Never forget the meaning of the word “taquiyya” which is permission direct from the Koran to lie to the infidel (Us) if it furthers the Islamic agenda.
Then there’s the OTHER option: Civil war.
This post and cooler heads hopefully will help to prevent that but I doubt cooler heads on the left will ever arise. A good example is the recent “discussion” between our good president, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Good numbers of people on the right are getting quite sick of the arrogance, etc., from the left. Look no further than the upwards of 10+ democrats lining up to run for president in 2020.
(OK, I know there are a few blockheads on the right too, but not nearly as many.)

Here’s the post that inspired THIS post. It’s well worth reading.

The very next day (2-24-2019) THIS post appeared, also well worth reading.

ELITIST MENTALITY: HBO’s Bill Maher Slams Middle America As Less ‘Affluent And Educated’, As He And Dems Show Their Hate For America’s Middle Class And Poor

An update to what I posted yesterday about America splitting up (the elitists want the split too) but with THESE people, the elitists, I’d rather go with the OTHER option. This second link is a straight up warning from America’s elite, basically what the elite think of us who live in the Red states, the so-called flyover part of our country.
OK, so the main character here is Bill Maher, but I ask you, what the hell does HE know about anything? Yet he has a following. I too used to enjoy his humor–I use to enjoy the humor of several! I also used to enjoy the acting of favorite actors and actresses, until they started giving us their boneheaded opinions in politics.
And finally I realized what it was that caused me to like those people: they were just “acting.” There was and is NOTHING special about them just because they have been “taught” how to act and how to think. They are perfect candidates for 1984, Agenda 21, the new world order, take your pick. They (and thousands of other so-called elitists) all think they’ll be able to keep their gated homes. They are dreaming. Only the truly elite will get the gated homes and communities.

As a last word, I see no hope of cool heads prevailing.


The Fall to Globalism by Islam

Often I have wondered, “How could America fall to globalism? Or worse, Islam?” (Which would be worse, damn good question.) We have macho race car drivers, rodeo cowboy studs, can-do-anything-farmers driving big tractors, endless huge corporations, a powerful military, and lots of kick-ass women to back up their men.
We have a lot of ego-type power here saying, “Can’t happen here—let’em try it!”
So, how could it possibly happen here?
Folks, it’s happening.
After 9/11 the world came to America’s aid and cried with us, and President Bush came to know the terrorists were hiding in Afghanistan, so sent in the big guns.
President Bush did something else too. He supported the Muslims. He said, “We respect your faith.” “Islam’s teachings are good and peaceful.” What a dunce. The suit and skirt-wearing jihadis fed him only the good parts of the koran and he bought it. Why wouldn’t he? And why wouldn’t he believe them? Who else did he have to ask? Daddy was no help.
(Sorry, George Junior, I still mostly like you.)
(Originally I wrote this [9-20-17.] Since then we have discovered some things about daddy Bush [HW] and that info is not meant for this post.)
He (meaning George Jr. again) said more during a speech to Congress. He looked and sounded so sincere…I tend to believe that he believed what he was saying. I also believe the elite of the new world order had him in its clutches right then. If he was told what to say by important and elite men I think it was easy for him to believe it. In other words, how could a whole faith, a whole religion, be blamed for 9/11?
(That is looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, folks. No, of course not, EVERY common Muslim can not be blamed. It’s the Islamic leadership telling the billion and a half people they hold in ideological slavery what to do–and that is, “Invade the Western nations and change them by any means possible.”)
The first person I heard utter the words “…new world order…” was George’s daddy (HW) the senior President George Bush. At that time it sounded really, really, good—I mean, who wouldn’t want more “order” in the world?
So after 9/11 began the true welcoming of Muslims into our country, most importantly into our schools and our government, right into the White House as advisers on how to defeat the “radical” Islamic terrorists. We now know—at least some of us—that radical is a misnomer. There is no such thing as a radical Muslim just like there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.
As Turkey’s Erdogan says, “Islam is Islam. There is NO moderation.”
Curtain Wall Buildings Under Blue Cloudy Sky

The people who planned 9/11 probably salivate when they see a building like this; they dream of how bringing this building down would further their agenda.


To get back to how America could fall to Islam.
First, know that Muslims do NOT flee their countries looking for a better life. Basically they are ordered by their leadership to invade all countries and make them Islamic. Why? Because Muslims MUST dominate and Muslims consider themselves superior to non-Muslims. In Western Europe, Australia, Canada, America, there are mass amounts of people who refuse to wake up and believe that Muslims don’t just need a hug.  then they would be glad to become regular, decent, citizens. Unfortunately, hugging just won’t do. They are here to invade–not immigrate and peacefully assimilate–but to take over.
It’s one innocent-appearing event at a time. If a law appears, or a rule changes…well, American people tend to question it—but not loudly—and likely will not make their voice heard at all. They will end up accepting the change as not too bad and go on living their life as normal.
(Already in 2019 the new Muslims in Congress want America to include the Islamic holidays, and, believe me, folks, there will be plenty of people who will see no problem with that.)
Yet the change affects them, maybe not directly, but maybe they will notice how that new law or rule affects someone else—but hey! They aren’t a friend, I don’t even know them! So, as long as the change does not affect me “directly” I will just go on as usual.
(Another change our new Muslim reps want is to end money for Homeland Security [or ICE, I forget which] but it doesn’t matter. They won’t get their way on that one. The Islamic holidays…don’t be surprised.)
Then another change hits closer to home. It affects a neighbor who lives just two houses down—but still, I don’t really know them “that” well, either…so I look away.
(Already I have heard one block-headed American wish a Muslim, “Happy Ramadan!” In a newspaper column another blockhead wished her Muslim readers, “Happy Ramadan!”)
So you see, it’s happening, one minor event at a time.
Finally you wake some morning thinking about “another” recent change. You go to work thinking about it—not TRYING to think about it, but THINKING about it all the way. You get to work and everybody is talking about it. But nothing can be done—because it’s DONE. One comment from a fellow employee comes clear, “Well, we just have to do what they want.”
Then, over and over, the new changes and rules arrive, until…
(In 2019, we now have 3 Muslims in the US House of Representatives, plus Muslim Keith Ellison won attorney general of Minnesota…so we’ve begun to see change…while we were sleeping.)


It’s not just islam of course, the globalists want their way, badly, and are pushing the Muslims to do their bidding, which the Muslims have readily agreed to because it’s what they want, too, it’s their hijrah, their invasion justified. Unfortunately, for the Muslims, they are just pawns doing the work of pawns.
There will be NO long-lasting caliphate. When the Muslims have the entire so-called civilized West under their control—their caliphate—then the hammer will come down on the Muslims too. (I don’t know how that would happen but certainly the elite realize that the Muslims would soon want their gated communities.)


And speaking of the elite, what is it that makes a man/woman who maybe started life being a sweet and charming child to change into a monster dead set on first changing America, then to utterly destroying it and all its ideals?
This is what we common and regular people are facing, folks. We need to learn all we can about Islam and globalism, especially how the two are interconnected, and spread our knowledge to anyone who will listen.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yes, an overused phrase, but very descriptive for a new baby just arriving at the world outside its mother. Does a baby open its eyes just before birth, to actually see that first light? I don’t know, but I suspect an infinitesimal few do. For the sake of this novel I’m going to say at least one baby boy does open his eyes in time. As you get to know him I think you will agree.
Why? Because this baby is unique. He experiences deja vu endlessly during his many new lives. You see, he also reincarnates endlessly. From time immemorial he has been getting killed by the state–executed, that is, as a worst-of-the-worst criminal, and nobody ever figured out why.  Also, of course, nobody knew. And, really, how would they EVER figure it out without intervention by the superior being, our Lord God?
Not until the chaplain at a contemporary prison reads it in an ancient book and then tries to stop the execution of worst-of-the-worst criminal, Les Paul.
What the book said:

“If the state kills a worst-of-the-worst criminal, rather than allowing a natural death, that criminal, man or woman, will reincarnate as not only the same person but more evil than before. He or she will have the same memories, though not fully intact memories, but they will serve well in the new life. A worst-of-the-worst criminal MUST be allowed to die a natural death, which includes being killed by a fellow criminal.”

Nobody believes the chaplain, for certain not the warden, so the execution proceeds on schedule. Of course the ancient book disappears as if it never existed. The chaplain is certain it DID exist and is nearly certain he’s right, so certain that he removes his collar, leaves his job, and begins a search for the reincarnated Les Paul.
There is the introduction to a main POV character (1 of 4) but not THE main character. Next we will take a look at this current execution of Les Paul: (POV Les Paul)

“May God have mercy on your soul. Amen.”
He barely mouthed his response, “Sure, whatever-the-fuck-ever.” Through peripheral vision he saw the warden nod. Here it comes. He smiled, and felt the drugs entering him, and felt his world speeding up. Like a jet plane—what a ride!—plastering him against the seat. The buzzing in his head grew louder and faster…
For a few seconds he felt himself rising from the table. He looked back. His unmoving body was there. His eyes were open…where am I…? He felt like he was moving, leaving the prison—Good! I’m going somewhere! But, not, really. He felt himself being squeezed, like, from a tube, except he wasn’t leaving the tube, he was entering, becoming smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and sma…”

Deja vu, we’ve likely all experienced that feeling of having “been here before.” For us regular mortals that “feeling” likely lasts just seconds. Now picture worst-of-the-worst criminal, Les Paul, undergoing deja vu regularly, only he’s seeing himself being executed again and again, by electric chair, drugs, firing squad, over and over, memories that he denies are his–wouldn’t you? Since you’ve never been executed–that you know of–wouldn’t “you” deny such memories are yours?
In the case of Les Paul, whether he believes it or not, his memories of continuing executions by the state are truly his. In the opening scene, while waiting for his execution, he has a deja vu memory of his very first life, his only happy time, his only time with a loving wife and a darling little daughter. But, as always, he shakes his head and denies the memory is his.


In case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve experienced deja vu, a recurring memory of a certain street as I traveled through different cities in my sales job. The memory was always of the “other side” of the street. I always started across, jaywalking, but never got there. Finally, after years, I found that exact street in my own hometown city. I actually crossed that street…and nothing happened, except the deja vu stopped. Go figure. I still wonder if crossing that street affected me in some unknown way….

Here is a short look at all the main characters: Main characters in bold, secondary characters underscored.
Les Paul is on death row awaiting execution. (first as adult, then as child, beginning at 14 months until a nine-year-old.)
The chaplain is trying to stop the execution, and not because of a love for mankind.
Mrs. Leslie Markum in nine months will give birth to the reincarnation of evil.
Ms. Nicole Waters is nursing at the hospital where the infant, Les Paul, will be abandoned.
Cassandra is yet divided between her mother and father. (infant to nine-year-old)
Patrolman Sikorsky is hoping to advance to detective.
Riley Stokes, ex-military, will train the chaplain and Nicole to become private investigators.
(Little Cassandra [who isn’t even born yet] may not seem like the MAIN-main character, but in my mind, she IS.) So please bear with me until you get to know this little girl.
When Cassandra is born her mother will live long enough to name her. On the same day her father will die in Afghanistan.
Cassandra starts her life alone. In foster care she will fall through crack after crack. Nobody wants to adopt this darling girl child. Lacking love, she discovers her crying brings her nothing. She stops crying.
As she grows she does not come to love, anything, and does not come to trust…anyone.
On October 18, this little girl will be born. Halfway across the country another baby will be born on the same day, just another child who will find no love. Les Paul will find no love because he is the reincarnation of a long string of evil killers.
Six months after his execution Les Paul is swimming in a warm pool of amniotic fluid. Through instinct his hands realize he wants more room. He uses his twin brother’s own umbilical cord to strangle him, then kicks that useless presence toward that light at the end of the tunnel.

Book cover represents Les Paul in his mother’s womb hanging onto the umbilical cord he used to murder his twin brother.
The chaplain and Nicole join forces and train at a desert survival school. Their goal to track down the newly-born Les Paul—now rampaging through foster home after foster home—and prove that this child, now nine-years-old, is truly the reincarnation of Les Paul, worst of -the-worst criminal.
(When the chapain and Nurse Waters are onstage at same time it isn’t always clear who has the viewpoint, nor does it need to be. [They are a team now])


A list of viewpoints from the main characters plus 3 minor characters:

Les Paul:–He glanced at the guard, “Hey, man…,” and sent his now-starched-on smirk, “You stoppin’ for a brew after?”
Standing, the guard remained about twenty feet away, too far for Les Paul to read his name tag. Didn’t matter anyway, he had no desire to make new friends. Course he didn’t have any old friends either. Nobody to see him off. No family. Nobody.
Les Paul as a child:–Just fourteen months old and already on his fourth foster family.

Warden Miles:—-The warden stood still for another moment, then walked to the door, stood for about thirty more seconds, then opened, “Chaplain, I was just coming to meet you.”

The Chaplain:—-He still believed in God—that was he now believed in a god—a superior intelligent being, just was no longer sure of the personal god there anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Nurse Nicole Waters:–…gasped when the small hand went into her top and actually tried to get to her breast.
Nurse Waters’ (Nicole) viewpoint with 9-year-old Cassandra:
–“The young girl looked up and scowled, “My name’s Cassandra!”
Yes, the rapport was absolutely gone.
“All right, sorry, Cassandra. You started to tell me—“
“I did tell you—the biggest boy reaped me!” Her mouth set, she turned back to her drawing. “The other big boy would’ve too—he wanted to do the littlest girl!—but the parents came home!”
Nicole, sadly, looked at the chaplain and opened her hands. They had the information they came for, so there was no reason to stay longer. They started for the door.
“And they’ll keep doing it!” Cassandra said in a voice not even recognizable. She also didn’t look up.
They both stopped and stared at the young girl who now was old far beyond her years.
“They hurt those other girls—I know it! Even that smallest little shit wanted to!” The girl, her friendly face absolutely gone, glanced toward them, then right back to her notepaper—which she then tore to shreds, “And that boy the same age as me, I know he wanted to! But the big boys wouldn’t let him!”

Casandra as infant:–And the volunteers did a good job, but it seemed the same one never held Cassandra more than once. Every time she felt warm arms around her and opened her eyes she did not recognize the person.
Casandra as a 9-yr-old:–Her eyes felt strange, like maybe tears wanted to come—She knew about tears; she knew what they were, but she was pretty sure there were none in her.

Mrs. Markum (with Les Paul, the infant):–“It’s okay, honey,” his mother said, “Here, maybe I’ll just switch you to my other breast.” She began to move him…she began to try to move him, “Honey, you have to let go…oh—ow!”
“The child was evil, Evan. It was born evil. It will grow up evil, and will do terrible things.”
Evan Markum:–“He already has done terrible things, my darling.” But I’ll never tell you what.