Who is the Ideal Person I Hope Will Want to Read My Posts?

These days I’ve began working on re-awakening my blog. (I’m even taking a 14-day short course from WordPress.) For a few months blogging has been easy. I’ve just been re-blogging Ann Corcoran’s “Refugee Resettlement Watch” site, was even beginning to see a readership. But Ann is taking a break, which kinda left me high and dry, as they say.
My new material will be mostly on the same line as hers. The new world order, the worldwide muslim invasion, globalism, the islamic-run UN’s Agenda 21/2030, Etc. Basically I will try to deal with the elitist agenda of no borders and a one world government. These subjects are all interconnected. For instance, the muslims are nothing but pawns for the new world order people.
The elitists are nothing if not patient. Their agenda has been in the works so long that it will be nothing for them to keep waiting. We are hearing more about it now thanks to the high tech internet, and many of the so-called conspiracy theories are quickly becoming conspiracy fact, and more people are becoming informed. For right now it appears to be a race: will we (the sensible people) halt the elitists, or will the elitists kill 90% of us and enslave the rest for elitist care in the new gated communities?
Getting back to who do I want to attract…?
My Answer: men and women, boys and girls, let’s say 12 years old and up to the top. In other words nearly everyone. Conservatives will probably/mostly like my work. Liberals probably will not, but I hope to attract a few anyway.
So what is my work, my writing, about?
Politics. The left right now is a powerhouse, not that they have a lot of people, but the people they DO have are BRAINWASHED and willing to do just about anything to get what is wanted. The word is out that troublemakers like antifa are paid. I fully suspect they are. We (the world) have a few billionaires that desperately want a new world order, open borders, and migrants flooding into the First World from the Third World.
The billionaires would love to have the Kalergi Plan in full swing throughout the civilized world, especially America–America MUST fall, or the globalists will never get their way.
The Kalergi Plan is meant to replace White people with a darker and less intelligent race. As the elitist agenda moves along that “new race” will be easier for the elitists to handle. It’s happening right now, especially in the so-called civilized nations of Western Europe.
The transition from White to dark won’t take long, one or two generations at most.The elite WANT those gated communities and lust to be cared for by the human slaves remaining after the world’s largest mass killing comes to an end.
For the invading Muslims (called “refugees”) there will one day be a major surprise for them when they discover that, yes, they were only pawns in the Big Picture.
Russia is having nothing to do with the elitists, and neither are most other nations once under the thumb of the gone Soviet Union. Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, the four nations known as the Visegrad Group, are also having nothing to do with it, which probably is irritating the hell out the elitists’ plans.
About the suffering of the Third World, I agree: many Third Worlders do not have much, but that is not the fault of the First World.
The fault lies with the leaders of the Third World. Too many are tyrannical dictators who create stupid laws, charge humongous taxes, and starve their people, so why wouldn’t the common people want to leave, to escape a guaranteed cruel and empty life? Sorry, but that is not the fault of the First World either. When a country has a loser for a leader who likely cheated to get to his/her position, then the people need to rise up and choose a new leader, one who has proven being a “good” guy/girl. Yes, there are some (many!) even in the Third World. But the lesser leaders among the common people must find them.
One more thing: the Third World needs to get a handle on their populations: if you can’t afford to feed your children then stop having so many.
early dec 2013 003
As for my chosen featured image, Bill Gates is a billionaire and I suspect a member of the open border-globalist bunch. So not a favorite person (of mine) however, I’m pretty sure he shines for the low-info liberal/progressive/leftist bunch. (I wanted a pic of Bill Gates right here but don’t know where or how to get it. (Oh yeah, they HAVE to be free.) Maybe something I will learn along the line somewhere. So, what better pic to replace Bill than a sunrise?
So, who do I hope to attract to my blog…well, of course anybody is welcome to come and read, but I guess if I have my druthers I would hope to attract conservatives, in other words, those people who are working every day trying to preserve our good nation:
Related to this first “re-awakening” post, in the near future I will also be sharing posts of my books.
Thanks for reading!

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