Day(s) the World Began to Change

The world (not just me) began to “seriously” change in 2008. (First inkling began for me in 2006, but the REAL change of course came September 11, 2001.)
I will never forget President Bush (with Muslims standing behind him) when he said, “Islam is a religion of peace.” I still like the young Bush, but as I keep learning about the family–his brother, his father (George H.W. Bush)–and their “connections” to globalism…will also never forget when H.W. Bush mentioned–closely after rescuing Kuwait–“the New World Order.” That was the first time I’d heard those words.
Then, as the election approached in 2008: more words:
“He’s a Muslim,” my very conservative neighbor said sometime before the election in 2008. I don’t remember my response, probably something like, “What? How could that be? How could a Muslim get anywhere near being elected as our president?” (And now I wonder, how did he know so early, so long before I finally figured it out?)
Something that needs to be added right here and now, John McCain (not necessarily including Sarah Palin) Romney, and Ryan—since we have gotten to know those three better—would have been much worse for the country. We should thank God that Obama got in, to truly begin waking us up to the worldwide Islamic threat and invasion.
In my last job I worked with several Muslims. I didn’t consider them bad people. Not at all. And the normal everyday Muslim is NOT a bad person—it’s the Islamic Leadership keeping a billion and a half people in ideological slavery. One special Muslim friend was from Somalia. We were good friends and he appreciated my help with his learning English. Then his brother arrived, possibly straight from Somalia. One day in the breakroom, from “way across” the room I noticed him not just seeing me but looking at me with what I saw as HATE in his eyes.
I don’t know. I didn’t ask him. But I think THAT moment “began” to wake me up. Also, in that crew, I became very friendly with a young Muslim woman, even considered a possible relationship with her. Didn’t happen, thank God. Looking back (about 2006) I now wonder—after she got her orders from Islamic leadership—if she would have cut my throat in my sleep.
Time went on.
In my next job, one day I was working inside a cluster of four women. They were salivating about how each was planning to vote for Obama. (At least publicly [who knows what they really thought.]) Then the discussion got to me. I looked very carefully at them and said, “I’m not voting for him.” I received four angry looks but none said a word.
I didn’t last much longer at that job.
Now the question arises, did they vote for him because he was Black? Back in those days the Muslim question had not yet really arisen. So if they did vote for him the reason likely was because he was Black. They and much of the rest of the country likely wanted to prove they were NOT racist. Today I have learned from many friends that “Yes,” they voted for him…BOTH times, but now have awakened. One woman friend—who voted for him twice—even likened him to the Antichrist. Myself, I stuck with not voting for him, and during much of his first term I even supported him, saying to friends online (Facebook) “He IS the president, guys.”
Then 2012 happened, Obama was re-elected and he began showing his true colors—oh, yes, and False Flag Sandy Hook happened and the gun control issue exploded.
I changed overnight.
Today, six years later, I sometimes exhaust myself online trying to help spread the word not only about the threat by Islam but just WTF is going on in America and the world.
late october, 2013 028
This photo does not exactly match the content of this post, but, hey, what better photo than a sunrise?
Thanks for reading!

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