New World Order Rising Book 1

Just days after Barack Hussein Obama got re-elected I began thinking about this book. During Obama’s first administration I actually–online only–supported him, with comments like, “He IS the president, guys.” At that time I still hadn’t accepted he was a Muslim. Not sure when I accepted the Muslim thing, but once I did my politics changed overnight.
A short time after his re-election came the false flag Sandy Hook mass shooting. Then began weeks and months of research into conspiracy theories, many of which are fast-becoming conspiracy facts.
“New World Order Rising” has become a 6-book series, Book 1 subtitled “The Abduction.”
Available at Amazon: digital $2.99, paperback $15.00.
Click on the digital cover for a several chapter free read.


Carter Banks, 47, is the main POV character in Books 1, 2 & 3.
Like most Americans poor Carter thought all he had to do was cast his vote, and they would take care of it…whoever the hell they is. A good question. Also, like too many Americans, he is nonpolitical. First one party runs things (likely for 8 years) and then the other party runs things, also, likely for 8 years. (Some people decide to go with one party—more on one party later.) That’s the way it’s always been, and, it seems to have worked.
It didn’t, but most of us didn’t notice. Including me.
My dear late dad, though, he stuck with the republicans all the way, until I asked him to vote for Bill Clinton. Did he? I don’t know. He did once mention he had made just ONE mistake in his life voting for the president.
Likely Bill Clinton.
Lord how we try to learn…some of us. The left and the right have divided pretty much down the center, no longer much moderation anywhere. We have the so-called Hillary-named Deplorables (proud to be one) on the right (not including the many rinos [republicans in name only]) (Please don’t spell it rhinos–give our few remaining rhinoceroses a bad name–thank you!) and on the left we have not only the bonafide corrupt left but the entire democratic party. These many democrat voters are mostly not “bad” people but they live in a dreamworld that their party is still the party of JFK. If they vote the democratic ticket (whether they are good people or bad, by default they ARE voting for the left, even though most good democrats have no idea what the “left” is. Mention the “left” to them they look at you like a deer in the headlights.
WTF is the “left?” Try to explain and that “deer-in-the-headlights look remains.
Sorry, folks, but the democratic party died right along with JFK (actually long before JFK, but that’s another story.) Many/maybe most of my friends grew up thinking that the republicans were a bunch of mean old White men. I don’t remember thinking that but I do remember the rumblings from others that such was true. Even after JFK, I, too, held to the belief that the democrats were my party…until Al Gore.
Him becoming president just did not sit well with me. At the time, I didn’t even know for certain why I felt that way but I changed overnight and have not gone back. I still wonder WTF I was thinking to stay with the democrats so long. The appearance of the computer, the internet, and access to anything one wants to know helped my change, immensely.
But please don’t buy into thinking one can believe everything one sees online. Online can be just as misleading as the Mainstream Media. You MUST pick and choose carefully the trustworthy sites for your news.
To get back to poor Carter Banks, all his life he has been nonpolitical, has even moved back-and-forth between parties, picking who he thought was the best man or woman for the government position. But when his daughter and granddaughter got abducted that began to change. Not that politics had anything to do—directly—with the abduction, One could say he just began to see the world a bit differently.  He knew about abductions, that they happened—but they happened to other people and would never happen to him.
But it did.
Inaction by law enforcement sent him nearly immediately to old friend, ex-army intelligence Harley Maxwell. Carter had heard the word, Illuminati, but that’s all. They meant nothing to him. His friend would soon have him mostly convinced the Illuminati not only paid for the abduction of his loved ones but more importantly why.
Both Chantal, Carter’s 27-year-old daughter, and Dodie, his six-year-old granddaughter, were “unlucky” enough to be born with rich black hair and dark blue eyes, what some men consider the most fair of women and will pay great amounts of money for.
So begins a lecture of how the Illuminati operate and a 2000-mile (following a phone signal) trip to the New Mexico desert and an Illuminati Satanist sacrifice camp.
Carter Banks, I hate to tell you this, bud, but, “Welcome to the New World Order.”


As the characters appeared in this book and began to grow…well, they soon took over the story. Luckily, my fingers were able to keep up. Secondary characters, Beth and Noni, soon appear, and–near the end–Jocelyn, who–in my mind–will eventually take over the whole story.
Beth, 40s, a past friend of Harley, provides guidance and weapons.
Noni, late-twenties, also unlucky enough to be born with black hair and blue eyes, has lived with the Illuminati her entire life.
Jocelyn, 7, is helped by Chantal, later saved by Carter, and a mutual adoption happens. This little girl manages to slip into the heart of every other character…except for one.


On December 14, 2012 came that False Flag Sandy Hook Shooting, which then required a subplot and a new character (Whit Malcolm, already on psychotropic drugs) which led straight to the Illuminati and their quest for world domination. More false flag mass shootings would be necessary in order to cause the disarmament of the American Patriots: the contemporary Minutemen. (Poor Whit is chosen to perform the worst mass shooting in American history next to Wounded Knee.)


So far—at least in the nonfictional world—mass shootings have NOT worked for the left.
But with their many paid minions they keep trying.
One last word, in the book itself I never mention republicans/democrats, only conservatives/liberals.
About the one-party-always people: NOT a good idea. There are good men and women on both sides. If their party starts going awry nobody—including the politicians—notices. It’s best to pay at least a bit of attention to politics, and READ about their plans. My opinion right now (January, 2019) dissolve the entire DNC, then split the GOP into two parties, start again and hope for the best.
As Ray Thomas (June 26, 2009) says on the cover of his book, “Pay attention to politics! Politics will pay attention to you.” (I thought that quote [at least a variation of it] arrived long before Thomas’s book in 2009.) I could be wrong.

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