My Political Opinion

Lead-in comments on my own social posts and my comments on the social posts of others, garner a few likes, dislikes, even responsive comments from other readers, but usually not many.

So what to do?

Well, write your own book, which is what I have done and have put it out pre-order. So far, after a couple weeks, or so, only 3 hits, and two of them are by relatives, one nephew, one niece. The other hit was first and I have no idea who. My only advertising is “Stories” at Facebook. Many, MANY, Facebook friends have “liked” that, but quite obviously they haven’t clicked the pre-order.


However, on my own posts I get many, many, likes and comments from friends and strangers both, so people MUST like what I say, so why aren’t they pre-ordering? Is $2.99 too much for 38,475 words?

This is the URL link to my book. I thought it might appear; it hasn’t. If clicking doesn’t automatically take you there, then you must copy and paste the URL. “IF” you are politically-minded I hope you will, and that you will read the one-page introduction.

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