8 tenets of the New World Order revealed – and every one of them is on the ballot Nov. 3

God help us if the people of the new world order are like whoever this Keith Olberman is and where on earth (maybe the universe) did he come from. I thought about watching and listening to the video twice to try figure it out, but couldn’t stand the thought of seeing that…whatever “it” is, again.


A vote for Biden is a vote for the NWO…You have a choice…Where do you stand?

The term “New World Order” has become ubiquitous among elitist members of the political class but what would a newly ordered, totally transformed society as proposed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually look like?

Vice President Biden, in an April 5, 2013, speech to the Export-Import Bank, provided a hint in his call for the creation of a “New World Order.”

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