The Left

Where are all the Leftists coming from? Have they never read a newspaper, a book, did they even go to school? I’ve tried to explain Leftism to a few people, but they get that “deer in the headlights” look. They seem to have no clue what Leftism is, or socialism, or communism/Marxism. Did the Leftism leadership pick certain cities to become sanctuaries for illegals and then also add some drug to the city water that would turn people Left? Or does the idea of free stuff just set people off, not just college kids but EVERYBODY?

There has to be a reason for the number of Leftist people.  Have they just gone to the Left? Have they been hiding for years and years and suddenly feel safe to come out of the Leftist Closet thanks to the new power of the Left, like winning the House of Representatives?

Really, there has to be some explanation. Of course the hippies of the 60s/70s are now professors brainwashing our children and 80% of ALL media is controlled by just SIX monstrous corporations. We once depended on local media to read, listen to and learn from. Today they all spout the same drivel. Top universities to local kindergartens, all used to be for learning. Today too many professors and teachers preach Islam, Common Core and socialist/communist/Marxist principles. Heroes and heroines of entertainment…but why go there? I’m disappointed in most men and women that used to be heroes and heroines. But of course they were just acting.

Past generals and presidents warned us—or tried to—but the information was too new. Why would we think far away events could ever affect us and change our goodness of the 1950s? Okay, the 1950s weren’t perfect, but at least we didn’t have to worry about losing our good nation. That is the decade of my early growth. I liked my life, but change was already in the air. Then came the 1960s. Even I as a teenager could see change happening, but still too far away. California and Berkeley were far from North Dakota. To me those places didn’t even seem real.

At seventeen I wanted…something, change I guess, even though at that time in my life I wonder if I had even ever heard of that word: change, least not in the form used today. I wanted the farm to always be there—of course—even though I didn’t expect to be a farmer, so I joined the navy. The 1960s kept on and I got out after four years, and then came the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, change, Change, CHANGE, but I still didn’t see it.

My good home was in the center of North America—couldn’t be safer—so I continued NOT seeing the changes, for certain not dreading them….

Basically I remained asleep until Obama’s first run for the presidency. I didn’t vote for him but when he won I supported him in the sense that, well, “…he IS the president, guys,” but when he got re-elected—OMG!!!!

Sandy Hill. Our first False Flag that I’m aware of. Did any children actually die? I sometimes wonder. Anyway, I DO believe Sandy Hill was a false flag, a new and major beginning for the gun-grabbers.

So finally we made it to the new millennium, the 2000s, which anybody over 70 has been waiting for since the early 1960s, which was my first notice of that far away date when everything was supposed to change for the better. And much has, but since 2008 we and America have been going backwards. But not according to the Left. I said 2008, but that change has been happening long, long, before 2008.

Today, 2019, the Left has come out in force.

Our nation is divided like never before. Islam is encroaching on ALL our culture (America doesn’t really have a culture but a blend of hundreds of cultures all brought to America by thousands/millions of immigrants.) But America DOES have traditions celebrated by all the people…except the Muslims of Islam. Some Muslims DO celebrate, at least they want Americans to THINK they are, but very likely they are practicing taquiyya (Muslims are required to lie to the infidels in order to push ahead Islam’s final agenda.

Which is TAKEOVER, of the entire world. What their fake prophet, Mohammed, began over 1400 years ago in Mecca and Medina in what is now Saudi Arabia, has spread over the entire Middle East, much of Africa, Indonesia, and into Asia. China, Japan, South Korea are balking. Russia and former member-nations of the Soviet Union were encroached upon long ago. Europe, Australia, Canada, America, all have been invaded. Latin America we—at least I—don’t hear much about, but I have no doubt Islam is working its evil in those nations too.

This post is about the Left, which has fully opened its arms to the Muslims, so the two entities are now joined at the hip.

2020 is rapidly coming. The democrats are rushing presidential candidates into the mix, being led by California with Kamala Harris, who is against everything that makes America GREAT and wonderful. Other evil Californians include Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, and never forget the Golden state’s darling, Nancy Pelosi.

From the east we have Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. Certainly there are others, but—for now at least—these are the leading Leftists.

Enough for now. In the Leftist World there is plenty more to talk about and warn people of. It’s just too bad that the many good democrats—the ones who foolishly continue voting for democrats—simply because they always have, or their parents did—whatever their reason—do not know that by default they too are all members of the Left, that group trying their damnedest to DESTROY America.

Here is a photo of just ONE of the things we will lose if we allow the Left to win.
I would call this freedom and love exemplified.



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