National Emergency Declaration

That Emergency Declaration means much more than “just” controlling our southern border…it is the first step in preserving the America we ALL love…at least–hopefully– what “most” of us love.

Just watched a 7-minute video from Fort Hancock, Texas. The sheriff has told the local residents to arm themselves, for the “People” here, are the border guards. A two thousand-mile border is a lot to guard. The Border Patrol needs all the help they can get.

President Trump, just yesterday, February 15, 2019, signed the National Emergency Declaration in order to continue building the border wall to help keep out drug dealers, human traffickers, and illegal aliens—oh, and diseases. The illegals are bringing in many diseases (tuberculosis and small pox to name two) that America had won the war against long ago.

But Social Justice Warriors cry, “These people need help!” That is true, but America CANNOT take care of the entire Third World, no matter how much our many Social Justice Warriors WANT to.

Nancy Pelosi (the top democrat in the House) immediately threatened to go after our Second Amendment. Why? Because she desperately wants the American people disarmed. But why? Because the democrats, the Left, the party of TREASON, liberals, progressives, communists, want ALL the power—they want only their police and military to have guns. Notice the italicized word their instead of the. That’s right. Their police and military would NOT be what we have today. Their police and military would be either entirely different people or today’s police and military would be brainwashed beyond recognition.

Oh, and socialists—that’s right too! That long list that started with democrats should have included socialists. After umpteen failures there are still people who think socialism can work. But they don’t really think that. They are lying and nobody can see their faces turning blue, so the “sheep” buy the democrat lies, especially the millennials who want their college education paid for…by somebody else. Yes, that’s how socialism works.

“Other peoples” money.

A related story, a mass shooting (5 dead, others injured including 5 police officers) in Aurora, Illinois, at a manufacturing company comes at about the same time President Trump signed the declaration. Hmmm…, seems very related. Could the timing of this event mean a false flag? Yes, the shooter is dead, so no questioning for true motive there, which is often the case with mass shootings.

But here’s the thing, the dems/liberals/progressives/communists/Marxists/socialists are fine with people dying and being killed, but they want to do it in the same way Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Etc., did it, by gulag (a system of labor camps maintained in the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 in which many people died. A camp in the Gulag system, or any political labor camp.)

Then there’s the 25th Amendment, meant to replace presidents, vice presidents, and other powerful people after certain events. I didn’t read about it (way beyond my understanding just for a short paragraph in this blog post.) But certain un-elected people (for instance, these 3 losers, McCabe, Comy, Rosenstein) in our government want to use it to replace President Trump. Which of course they will never do because Mr. Trump is way too smart for them. And, really, does blockhead McCabe actually rate a CBS 60 Minutes interview? But, of course, we all know that even 60 Minutes has sunk into the new world order Washington D.C. swamp.

In the end we have a choice of who/what we want to rule us. The globalist/elitist new world order, the Islamic-run UN’s Agenda 21/2030, the Kalergi Plan, or we just bow down to the worldwide Muslim invasion. Strange, those four powers all seem to be the same, or for sure related.


Photo by Bennie Lukas Bester from Pexels   (How we will feel if we allow the Left to win.)

Nearly forgot the last option: we can stand and fight and preserve our freedom, and, lest “anybody” forgets–not to look big-headed, but, if America falls…well, THAT is the end.

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