So-called “Elites” Against Us

Like the poor, the "left" will always be with us...against us, that is. Professors, administrators, and other top people in education, who--either are now getting--or did get--their early training from the 1970s hippies (who got "their" training from the beatnik generation) are now teaching our children in our universities, and/or have taught/influenced/brainwashed the teachers now … Continue reading So-called “Elites” Against Us

America Gets Her First Woman President

"...because she's a woman...." Election Day, 2016. America missed the bullet, literally. Had HRC won the presidency we probably would be ducking bullets right now. Why? Because America--as I've heard President Trump say twice--"will never become a socialist country." Would HRC have dumped socialism on us? Maybe not immediately but change would have begun very … Continue reading America Gets Her First Woman President

National Emergency Declaration

That Emergency Declaration means much more than "just" controlling our southern is the first step in preserving the America we ALL least--hopefully-- what "most" of us love. Just watched a 7-minute video from Fort Hancock, Texas. The sheriff has told the local residents to arm themselves, for the "People" here, are the border … Continue reading National Emergency Declaration

Who is the Ideal Person I Hope Will Want to Read My Posts?

These days I've began working on re-awakening my blog. (I'm even taking a 14-day short course from WordPress.) For a few months blogging has been easy. I've just been re-blogging Ann Corcoran's "Refugee Resettlement Watch" site, was even beginning to see a readership. But Ann is taking a break, which kinda left me high and … Continue reading Who is the Ideal Person I Hope Will Want to Read My Posts?